What Are You Famous For?…

…It’s Not Customer Service.

You know that steakhouse that’s 45mins away, but you drive to it every time anyways because it’s the BEST!!

Or, that coffee house that you drive 15mins out of your way for every day, because NOBODY does an Espresso like they do!

How about that Mechanics that you drop your car into twice a year…

… that’s located over an hour away…

… because they are AMAZING at servicing your type of car! 

I could go on and on with more examples of where people will go out of their way for businesses that are famous for something specific…

.. and you know what else people do, other than just going out of their way?? 

They PAY MORE too! 

Yep, people will pay more and travel further to any business if they are famous for it.

So that begs the question for you and your business…

… What are YOU famous for?

Before going any further, there are 3 answers I want you to dismiss straight away because they are not the right answers…

1. Customer Service

2. Friendliness

3. Education

Why do I want you to dismiss these?

Because you have to be EXCEPTIONALLY great at these things to actually be famous for them.

A lot of business owners are kidding themselves when they say their customer service is what they’re famous for.

Remember that being famous for something has two effects:

1. Your customers travel waaaaay further than normal to visit you

2. Your customers will pay waaaaay more for your product or service.

So ask yourself again, does your customer servicefriendliness or education get your customers to do both of those things above??

If you’re being honest, then the answer is probably no…

… which means you need to think harder! 

The most successful salons I know are FAMOUS for their Balayage. 

They do it differently, more effectively, with better results, that last longer…

…and therefore people drive for miles to get it done there, and they’re willing to pay a PREMIUM!!!

… The same goes for Injectables or Needling or Functional Workouts or other specialist treatments!

So here’s what you need to know.

Businesses that are FAMOUS for something, win.

Every day, every time.

So what are you famous for? If nothing, then sit down, figure it out and find something.. 

.. and you too will win at the game of business! 

Be awesome, 


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Just before Christmas, I launched my Coaching page, and since then I’ve been inundated with Applicants who want Coaching! 👨🏻‍🏫

In the the past few days, I started working my way through the Applications, and I’ve been making tonnes of phone calls to people all over the world! 🌏

Speaking to all these people, has lead me to a MAJOR conclusion…

… Business Owners are FAR more likely to set ‘realistic‘ and achievable goals, than they are to set BIG goals…. that are maybe a bit of a stretch! ↔

What most people don’t realise though, is that setting realistic and achievable goals as a strategy has a MAJOR PROBLEM associated to it! 😬

The thing is, is that it’s human nature to ONLY put in just the right amount of effort required to achieve the goals you set, and therefore…

Setting Small Goals = Small Productivity and Output! 👶🏻

Setting BIG Goals, though = BIG Productivity and Output! 💪🏻

In my first podcast back for 2019, I talk about goal setting and the reasons why you should be setting your goals so BIG and so UNREALISTIC that it forces you to take MASSIVE action!

Here’s a few different ways to catch the episode:

-> Listen on iTunes (Apple)
-> Listen on Spotify (Android)

Keep being awesome,

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MUST READ: Why I LOVE New Year’s Resolutions…

I’m not sure whether it’s just because I’m getting a bit older now, and Im exposed to different content these days, but in my experience over the past few years…

“It’s been kinda cool to suggest you don’t make New Year’s resolutions…”

…. because you’re just gonna break it anyways, right?! Well, Im of the total opposite opinion… I think it should be MANDATORY to set New Year’s Resolutions every year. Why?

Well, for anybody reading this who has ever been to a Tony Robbins event, you will know that when you leave those few days with Tony, you are perhaps the most motivated a person is likely to ever be. If you haven’t ever been to one of his events, I highly recommend it!

I went to Tony’s Unleash The Power Within event in Sydney a few years ago, and I remember after those 4 days, I came back and I got more done, was more productive, and was getting more compliments from people about my positive energy, than I had ever had before.

“For three months, I was literally on FIRE!”

There were of course the critics about Tony’s events, saying that it doesn’t last and it’s just hype… but who cares, right?!

They are of course correct, and that level of motivation is incredibly hard to maintain, but for 3 months after the event, I was getting things done…

… and this is why I think it’s important to make New Year’s Resolutions each year.

You may not keep them. You may fall short. You may even cheat every now and then, but if each year you make a commitment to create some positive changes in your life, and you do so for even a short period of time, then that is better than not doing it at all.

Much like my Tony Robbins experience, you may only maintain a certain level of motivation for a few months, but for those 3 months, you will make a positive impact in your life and you may get some long lasting changes that will set you up for a life time.

So my advice is this… don’t listen to those who say that New Years’s resolutions are a waste of time. Don’t listen to those who tell you that you’re probably just going to break them anyways.

Take the time to create your New Year’s resolutions and do your utmost to stick to them. Every great journey starts with the first step, and this could be your first step on your great journey.

Be awesome,