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Having A Bad Day?

Happy Friday!

I wanted to talk today about not getting down when you have a bad day.

I know that’s easier said than done, but there’s often times when we have such a bad day, when a series of events happens where you just think, “How can I possibly recover from this?

That day for me was Monday this week. Monday this week was the day from hell for me.

As most of you know, I’ve got an online course going on at the moment for Facebook Messenger, and on Monday morning, I was bombarded with some students, saying that they couldn’t log in.

When I went and tried to log in myself, I couldn’t find my site! You could imagine my panic!

I.T eventually worked on it through the day and after a few hours, they got it sorted.

Shortly after, I then had a major supply deal that we’ve been working on for weeks, and weeks, which was worth a lot, fell through for reasons really that were … well, it could have been resolved, but it ended up falling through anyway.

That afternoon, I decided to upgrade my Mac, and when it tried to upgrade, the installation stalled and when I tried to reboot, I lost everything.

A big lesson for me was that I really need to backup a lot more frequently. 

I was trying to resolve all of these issues, trying to do a thousand other things as well, and I had completely lost all my computer access.

I went to use my old backup, and because my Mac is new, it doesn’t have a normal USB plugin. So I then had to go to JB Hi-Fi, get a USB adapter and by the time I got this and I started to back up, it was going to be five or six hours before my computer came back online! 

I had lost a whole day of work and had also had every other thing imaginable go wrong.


Then, that same night, I had a call from one of my Franchisees who needed some counselling on a few thing. It wasn’t a nice conversation, but we ended up having a positive outcome.

Upon reflection, I think about these things, and I think back to when I first started doing business. Any one of these things probably from losing my computer, losing my online course access, not getting my list done etc… it would just drive my mental state down, and down, and down.

I would spiral further down and become defeated and almost paralyzed in my actions. I would just stop doing anything, and I’d give permission for myself to go home, drink wine, and put on my favourite TV series, almost indulging myself in this moment of weakness.

Over time though, I’ve learned to deal with these sorts of things much better, and so that night, when I left my office, I put on my favourite podcast on my way home.

I refocused!

When I got home, I didn’t have my computer because I had to start to reboot and recover all my laptop items, however whilst I was doing that, I just got my pen and paper out, started writing down solutions for all of these challenges, and then an amazing thing happened.

This video that I had posted earlier that morning on my Billy Rickman Professional page about re-booking, went berserk.

I think now, I’ve got about close to seven and a half thousand views and it’s been shared over 50 times!

There were all these people commenting on the video saying how great it was and how much it helped them. People talking to each other in the comments with their friends saying, “We need to do this in our salon.

My page likes blew up also! 

I’ve only just started working on my Billy Rickman Professional page, and it’s gone from around 180 to close to 600 page likes just this week! In a few years time, I’ll probably look back in this and go, “Well, that was pretty low,” but for me, right now, as I’m starting out on this different side of my business, it was all pretty exciting stuff!

My week was just getting better, and better, and better.

On Tuesday, which was the day after the Monday from hell, I had a strategy meeting with my senior team members at head office, and we went through our plan for 2018.

Marketing, sales, everything you can possibly imagine in terms of a strategy session, and I felt so much better from that.

Tuesday just kept getting better. I started to get these emails from random people saying they love what we’re doing, can they come and work for us in our offices with our sales, and marketing, and coaching teams.

I had some messages from random people in Sydney and Melbourne asking me to come down and do a sales seminar for them and their teams.

Then, as the week is ending now, I’ve looked at my Marketing Messenger course, and I’ve signed up close to 50 new students this week!

What started as a really, really terrible week, and Monday was just going from bad to worse; by the end of the day, in the flip of a switch, it just got better, and it continued to get better.

My message today is simple. If you’re having a bad day or you feel like there’s just been a series of events where the universe is against you and sales haven’t been good, or your staff have just turned on you and they’re not doing well, or perhaps a new competitor just opened up down the road and they’re stealing all your clients.

Maybe you might even have personal situations that are happening to you right now that are affecting you professionally in your decision-making.

I just really want to send this message to let you know that it can change overnight.

I know the metaphor about the gym has been used by other people before, but it really is true. You must try to build that muscle inside your mind.

The more you train your mental strength, the more you resist, and the more you push through those times when you can’t get that final rep out, but you push through… that’s when you tear your muscle, and that’s when you really start to grow that muscle.

In this case, thats when you build your mental strength.

If you’re having those moments right now, or you’ve had those moments in the past, or when you have those moments in the future, (which is inevitable in business), don’t fall into the trap of just feeling defeated.

Don’t become paralyzed. Don’t fall into inaction. Work through it, push through, and just know that your greatness and your success can be just around the corner, and you in fact can turn it around in one night.

Just keep pushing through it, and you will come to the end soon enough, and you will be a stronger, better business owner and entrepreneur because of it.

What started out to be pretty crappy week for me, turned into an incredible week for me.

2018 is looking hugely exciting with the launch of our Inner Circle Coaching and continuing on with some new online courses for Salon Owners.

We’re just about to open up a new window for our Buying Group as well, so we’ve got so many exciting things happening.

That’s what I really needed to focus on rather than being defeated in the moments of Monday. Instead, I needed to keep focused on the excitement for what is to come and thats what you need to do too.

If you’re going through this, reset your thinking. Know that it can be better, know that you can be better, but the only thing that will make it better is to take action and find solutions to whatever it is that is bringing you down right now.

If you’re interested in going our Inner Circle coaching, you can register your expression of interest by clicking here. This will only be limited to a select few Salons, so make sure you express your interest quickly to be sure you don’t miss out.

Keep being awesome!

Billy Rickman

All I Want For Christmas… Is Better Organisation!

The other day, my Wife Ash ‘allegedly said to me “Don’t let Jack go into the walk-in-robe ok? His Christmas presents are in there.

I say ‘allegedly’ because I don’t actually remember her saying it, buuut given that I’m like most men in the world and admit to not being the best at paying attention to things, I’m guessing she probably did.

Anyways, what happens not two minutes later?

Daddy, is this remote control car and Catboy costume for me?” – as Jack holds them up in the air!

Uh-Oh. I’m sure you can imagine the conversation that happened next.

It turns out though that Jack’s already-prepared Christmas presents (bought 8 weeks before Christmas) are not isolated.

In fact my wife has done most of the Christmas shopping already and is totally prepared for everything Christmas.

On top of this, I even received a text message from my sister today telling me about the presents she had bought for each person too.

No matter how many times I tell myself that I’m going to get organised this Christmas, every year I’m still that guy walking around the shopping centre on Christmas Eve trying to frantically cross people off my list!

Men really aren’t like Women at all!



This got me thinking in my business, that rather than do a massive push for Christmas sales closer to Christmas, perhaps I should do it earlier and take advantage of all these well prepared and thoroughly organised women.

To do this, we have organised a two day Pre-Christmas Sale – but this year it’s going to be massive!

Why do I say this? Well at the start of December, not only do we have our Christmas promos being launched, but we also have the launch of ZipPay across our Franchise AND our brand new website, fully loaded with an online Gift Card and product store!

To make sure I absolutely maximise this opportunity, I’ve implemented two marketing strategies for the two day sale, which I’ll keep you updated on.

Firstly, we’ve opened it up for two days only, creating scarcity and urgency.

Secondly, I’ve used our Facebook Messenger Bot to recruit registrations for the event so that we can send a massive broadcast to these people thirty minutes before it starts.

So far after two days, our Bot’s worked hard to get over 200 registrations, but I’m hoping to get over 1,000 before the registration date.

I mean, can you imagine that?

A thousand people getting a Facebook Messenger Message all at once, who have already been qualified as interested parties, and then a button to send them directly to our online store from their mobile or PC!

I’m super pumped for this and I can’t wait to see how this rolls out.

If you want to see our pre-registration in action, click here.

I would highly recommend you do this for your business too and put your bots to work to recruit and qualify your Clients for your Christmas promos.

If you don’t know how, join my online course for only $97 and you can learn. It’s so easy once you know how.

You can join today by going here. 

Be awesome!

Billy Rickman


A Machete Accident!

Last Sunday, we met up with some friends of ours for a mid-morning breakfast at Palm Beach on the sunny Gold Coast (don’t hate me just because we get perfect weather all year round).
Upon getting there, I could see my friend Tim was in some discomfort, with his arm all plastered and covered in some fresh white bandages.
Little quirk that I was to learn about Tim was that one of his favourite things to do is to buy a whole coconut from the shops and then bring it home to drink the water and then eat the fresh white flesh inside.
According to Tim, this is livin’.
Apparently however, the night before we met for breakfast, Tim was in his element cutting up one of his coconuts, when the machete slipped and cut right through his arm into his bone.
Like most of us, when you get to Emergency with a knife stuck in your bone, you probably expect to get seen to pretty quick.
Nope, not for Tim. Apart from doing some basic dressing, he was there for hours before they saw him and finally bandaged him up and sent on his way.
Luckily, Tim’s survived and he’s on his way with full recovery now, but why do I tell you this?
Because things like this happen all the time. There are always things happening in people’s lives that are unexpected and you have to make sure you’re always prepared in case something unexpected does happen.
This is even more the case if you’re self employed and a small business owner.
Luckily these days, we’re living in this golden era of entrepreneurship, where we can schedule months in advance and automate a whole heaps of processes in our business.
I did this with my social media by introducing Facebook bots (basically online robots) to run it for me. I set those bad boys up and now they work for me and my salons 24/7 to get bookings and sales by interacting with Clients.
So even if something were to happen, I know my bots have got my back and my Clients wouldn’t be wondering what the hell happened to me?
If you want to know how I did it, you can click here and watch this small video.
I forget who said it, but someone wise once said “You need to fix the leaky roof before it starts raining.” 
This is what I did with my bots and you can do it too to protect your business in case of something happening….touch wood! 
Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you, if you watch the video and want to sign up for the course, use the coupon code ‘BUYING GROUP‘ and get a $100 discount!
Okay, Im off to wrap myself in bubble wrap all weekend! haha
Stay awesome!
Billy Rickman
P.S Tim finally got his coconut open!

Can You Spell Pig?

“Can you spell Pig?”

This is pretty much my night times now as my 4 year old son Jack is learning to spell.
After nights of mastering the big words ‘dog’, ‘cat’ and ‘ant’, he is now moving up to ‘pig’ and ‘cow‘ and ‘hump‘.
He’s proud as punch as he rattles off letter by letter, but does this strange (but uber cute) thing where he covers his mouth when he sounds out the letters.
I think he thinks, I will say he’s cheating or something if I catch him out. This kid makes me laugh so much!!
I have to say, Im pretty damn excited watching ‘Jacka’ grow up. He’s learning so many new things, so quickly and it’s hard to imagine doing that as an adult!
That’s the beauty of kids, they keep you young and they teach you that sometimes your  limits are only the ones you set in your own mind.
Jack constantly reminds me to have fun, laugh a lot, smell the flowers, love with all my heart and he reminds daily to never stop learning!
That’s what I did recently when I immersed myself into the world of Bots (Internet Robots) and found out how I could completely automate my online marketing so I could continuously get bookings and sales, all day everyday without me having to be there! 
With my lack of time as a parent, husband, several businesses and another baby on the way, this simple tool has given me back hours and hours of my week, but interestingly has increased bookings and sales at the same time.
I made a short video about this yesterday on my Facebook page. You can check it out by clicking here.
Okay, I’m off to do some more spelling.
Stay awesome,
Billy Rickman
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