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Why I Created SALONGROWTHCON… And Why YOU Need To Be There!

My Mission: To Make Hair and Beauty Salon Owners Love Business As Much As They Do Hair And Beauty!

In a little under 3 months from now, 1,500 Salon Owners will be walking through the front door of the Gold Coast Convention Centre...

But how did we get to this point?

Well, in January 2018 I started my coaching program and in the first 12 months, we got over 100 Clients join us.

With this level of growth, and influx of clients, it didn’t take me long to identify that there were certain things in the hair and beauty industry that were broken…

… specifically – business skills, knowledge and business development.

You see, I don’t think that there are many other industries that come close to the passion that people have within the hair and beauty industry.

But the problem is, that passionate hair and beauty operators do not equal successful business owners. 

Just because you can cut hair well, or you can fix every skin concern known to man, it does not mean that if you open a business, you are going to succeed!

In business, you need much more than great technical skills…

… You need to know how to market, how to sell, how to lead your team, how to train, how to motivate, how to plan, how to balance a budget

In this industry, as passionate as we are, there are many many salon owners who can’t do these things…

… and worse yet – don’t know where to start!!

So at Christmas last year I had an idea…

… What if we held an event with all the best salon coaches, all the leading industry experts, all the people who had not only talked success, but had walked it too… 

… what if all of them taught what they know and passed it on to other salon owners at this one event??

Well, this is exactly what we have done and exactly what we have put together.

SALONGROWTHCON was born to service a need – to fill a void in the industry. To teach Salon Owners not about haircuts or colours, or about facials and waxing…

… It’s to teach Salon Owners about business – and the amazing opportunities that await them if they simply make a commitment to learn more about sales and marketing and leadership!

Abundance awaits every salon owner in the world, if they shift their focus away from their trade, and move it into the world of salonpreneurship.

We have 23 of the very best speakers over two days (June 15 – 16) on the Gold Coast, and I urge you to come and attend. 

If you’re worried about money, then make a commitment to find it. We even have payment plans now, where you can pay it off for only $65 a month!

Can’t afford flights or accomodation? We have packages available for you to save on that too! 

I want you there and I want you to succeed. So come and join me, 23 other speakers and 1,500 Salon Owners for one weekend that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

If you haven’t yet got your tickets, head to to get yours before they’re all gone! 

I can’t wait to see you there. So until then, be awesome,



I’m Giving Away 100 FREE Bots!!

Do You Want One?

One of the most popular things we do for people is build their Bots… Why?

… Because they make money…. a LOT of MONEY!

But if you’ve read this far, and are saying to yourself, ‘Wait, wait Billy… what the heck is a Bot?’

Well, they’re only the most EXCITING and effective marketing strategy you can use in your business right now! 

Bots use Facebook Messenger to chat to your clients… delivering your marketing message, in a customised and personalised form, straight into their Messenger inbox… all on autopilot!

We’ve created Bots for hundreds of Salons, Spas and Clinics, and have achieved over $30,000 in 24 hours from ONE single Bot! 

(Ok, that’s not the norm…. buuut, 100+ bookings from a single Bot or ten thousand dollars from a single bot, is not uncommon in our circles!)

Image result for what gif

Starting to get excited? I would be…

We use Bots for:

– Competitions
– Product Launches
– VIP Nights
– Service Information
– Client Feedback

… and so much MORE! 

The problem seems to be though, that people either don’t know how to get started with them, or don’t know how to create an effective Bot that seriously CONVERTS into sales and bookings!

People see some of the hype online, then dabble in it themselves, only to get frustrated and deflated when it doesn’t get them results! 

We have literally created over 10,000 Bots now for salons, and we know what doesn’t work…

… But most importantly, what DOES WORK!

So will all this being said, I wanted to give you the chance to try it for yourself – I want you to get RESULTS from Bots! 

So here’s the deal:

For the next 100 people to grab a ticket to my SALONGROWTHCON event this June, I’m going to GIVE you (that’s right, I said GIVE you) one free Bot build, normally valued by itself at $1,500!!

… And to make it even sweeter, if you’re one of the first 50, I’m going to also throw in a FREE Facebook Ads campaign, created by our insanely talented digital marketing team here at Coaching HQ. 

SALONGROWTHCON is going to be the biggest hair and beauty entrepreneurs event ever, and if you grab your ticket today, I’m going to GIVE you a Bot for FREE! (and maybe even a Facebook Ads campaign, if you act quick enough).

If you follow our strategy for Bots, then the small investment you need to make on your ticket purchase today, should actually end up paying for itself…

… So make sure you click the button below right NOW and get your ticket! 

There are only 100 of these Bots to give away, so you need to act FAST! 

Follow these 5 steps…

Step 1 – Click here to go to the SALONGROWTHCON Page
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Step 5 – Get Bookings and Make Money In Your Business!

Click here, to take one of the 100 FREE Bots… this could be that one thing you’ve been waiting for that changes your business!!

Be awesome,

Billy “Get Your Free Bots” Rickman.

The Clock Is Ticking… ⏰

You asked for it…

Payment Plans Are NOW Available For SALONGROWTHCON… But You Only Have a LIMITED TIME! Read On…  

Yesterday, we asked the question…

If you don’t yet have your SALONGROWTHCON ticket, what is the main reason why?’

Overwhelmingly, the feedback came back with, that some people just couldn’t afford it right now…

… and so we wanted to find a SOLUTION for you!

We worked hard overnight to get it all done, and now we have payment plan options available PLUS one other thing that you are going to LOVE! 

So here’s the details with the payment plans:

– You must commence your payments in March
– Payments are 3 x equal monthly payments
– Available for all ticket tiers

… How awesome is that!! 

There is also one other AMAZING thing we have added, that’s not only going to save you money, but also…

… allow you to bring other people along with you to share in the experience!!

We have now added an on top offer when you purchase your ticket, that allows you to get 50% OFF on extra tickets! 

Once you purchase your ticket, you will now go to a brand new on top offer page, where you can add up to three tickets to your order for 50% OFF!!

I want you at this event, and I want you to be able to share the memories and valuable content with other awesome people…

… so seriously, what are you waiting for??

Go to now to grab your tickets.. and you can take advantage of these amazing new offers!!

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… This is only available for a LIMITED TIME, and won’t be around for long!

Be awesome,

Billy ‘Getting So Excited’ Rickman! 


My Prophecy: The RISE Of Artificial Intelligence!

This blog may just freak you out!!

For the past 18 months, Ive been banging on about the power of Bots! (NO, this isn’t another Bot episode 😋)

Whenever someone tells me they don’t work, or they’re just a fad, or they don’t like them…. 

… My response is ‘what… you don’t like money?’ 🤑

But seriously, this is the truth. 

Bots make my clients more money, get more bookings and build more profitable businesses, than any other single marketing tool…. BY FAR!

And now, things just got even more serious….

Artificial Intelligence is now starting to creep into the marketing world in a BIG way, and you can now create a Bot, that not only replies to your messages and promotes your business…

… But it can LEARN to be exactly like you, talk like you, think like you, and effectively be you! 😲

What does this mean for your business? 

Well, it means that you will no longer have to spend all night replying to messages. 

Or miss a booking because you took too long to reply. 

Or not give the information to the client that they want, when they want it.

A bot is one thing, but now training it so that it learns to talk and respond exactly like you…. well that is next level! 😎

Tune in to Episode 90 of the Billy Rickman Show, as I talk about how artificial intelligence, may soon play a MAJOR part in your business success! 👊🏻

Some ways to tune in:

Here’s a few different ways to catch the episode:

-> Listen on iTunes (Apple)

-> Listen on Spotify (Android)

Be awesome,


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Accomodation For SALONGROWTHCON, Confirmed!

The SALONGROWTHCON Team, are so excited to announce that we have secured an amazing deal with the stunning Star Grand, Gold Coast!!

We have established for all SALONGROWTHCON ticket holders, 15% off the Best Available Rate at the time of booking, in their beautiful casino hotel!

This deal also extends for 3 days pre and 3 days post, so now you can make an entire week out of your SALONGROWTHCON experience!!

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Be awesome ALWAYS,



What Are You Famous For?…

…It’s Not Customer Service.

You know that steakhouse that’s 45mins away, but you drive to it every time anyways because it’s the BEST!!

Or, that coffee house that you drive 15mins out of your way for every day, because NOBODY does an Espresso like they do!

How about that Mechanics that you drop your car into twice a year…

… that’s located over an hour away…

… because they are AMAZING at servicing your type of car! 

I could go on and on with more examples of where people will go out of their way for businesses that are famous for something specific…

.. and you know what else people do, other than just going out of their way?? 

They PAY MORE too! 

Yep, people will pay more and travel further to any business if they are famous for it.

So that begs the question for you and your business…

… What are YOU famous for?

Before going any further, there are 3 answers I want you to dismiss straight away because they are not the right answers…

1. Customer Service

2. Friendliness

3. Education

Why do I want you to dismiss these?

Because you have to be EXCEPTIONALLY great at these things to actually be famous for them.

A lot of business owners are kidding themselves when they say their customer service is what they’re famous for.

Remember that being famous for something has two effects:

1. Your customers travel waaaaay further than normal to visit you

2. Your customers will pay waaaaay more for your product or service.

So ask yourself again, does your customer servicefriendliness or education get your customers to do both of those things above??

If you’re being honest, then the answer is probably no…

… which means you need to think harder! 

The most successful salons I know are FAMOUS for their Balayage. 

They do it differently, more effectively, with better results, that last longer…

…and therefore people drive for miles to get it done there, and they’re willing to pay a PREMIUM!!!

… The same goes for Injectables or Needling or Functional Workouts or other specialist treatments!

So here’s what you need to know.

Businesses that are FAMOUS for something, win.

Every day, every time.

So what are you famous for? If nothing, then sit down, figure it out and find something.. 

.. and you too will win at the game of business! 

Be awesome, 


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… AND if you don’t know, on the Saturday night, we’re also hosting a Poolside Cocktail Evening at the Star Casino…

… Where you get to meet your favourite Speakers from the event, get photos, eat amazing food, have some drinks and get some amazing business ideas directly from the EXPERTS …


This Saturday night Gala event is already 50% GONE!!

 What does this mean for you?

 Due to the exclusivity and space restrictions of the Saturday night event, we simply CANNOT add on any more tickets.

So once they’re gone, they are GONE for good!!

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The Cocktail Event Details:

Starts: 7:30pm
Finishes: 10pm
Where: The Star Casino, Gold Coast
What’s Included: Two Hour’s of amazing canapes and 3.5 Hours of Drinks served around the stunning Poolside!

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7 Things To Watch Out For When Going From A Single Site To Opening Multiple Salons…

In December 2009, I officially opened my first XY Skin and Body Specialists Salon in Mandurah, Western Australia… well in actual fact, it was called XY Body Treatments back then.

We did all sorts of things, and wanted to be a one stop shop for any person’s beauty needs. We offered Pevonia Facials, Massage, Pedicures, Waxing, IPL, Peels, Shellac… you name it, we did it.

We even did all areas of Body Piercing!

To say that the first 12 months was a success, would be an understatement!

The business exploded, and we were fully booked all the time, with a pretty serious amount of cash hitting the bank each day.

In my personal life, I had become engaged to a girl, Ash – (who is now my wife) and she had grew up in WA. Her family was there, and she had said that she would never leave.

This was important, because all of my family was in Queensland, and I had been away from them for 10 years at this point!

One day though, that all changed, when out of the blue she told me that she would be happy to move to QLD.

I couldn’t get organised quick enough, and soon enough, we were on the plane, bound for our new life in QLD.

Before leaving, I had put plans in place to allow a Manager to run the business, and I had no doubt that it would continue on as it had been… busy and profitable!

I had engaged a business coach called Evan Kolbe in previous years, and he specialised in business systems. I was confident that the systems I had put in place through Evan’s teaching would do the job, and I could get cracking on opening my second site in QLD.

I did just that, and the second one opened not long after I arrived. It went ok, and shortly after, some friends and I were talking about them opening one under a franchise model in Newcastle, NSW.

Things were going good, and it was an exciting period of growth… until things started to go south.

My first salon started dropping massively in sales, we were getting online complaints more frequently, the other two salons seem to be stagnating, and I was working harder, with longer hours and having more stress, than I’d ever faced before.

Luckily, I did end up navigating through these challenges, and ended up opening 12 franchise sites… but there were 7 massive lessons I had to learn, that I wish I knew before starting out.

These are my warnings for what you need to watch out for if you’re thinking of going from a single site, to multiple locations.

1.Finance – Make sure you have enough money in the bank to cover at least 12 months worth of operating expenses in the new business. The worst thing I did, was not having enough working capital in the bank to launch and build the second site properly. This meant, I dipped into the profits that my first site was making, and soon left it without enough resources to continue the growth and performance that I relied on! I went from having one cash cow making heaps of profit, to two average salons with little profit. Before opening a second site, you must be able to operate the new salon as its own business WITHOUT having to lend or borrow from your other business.

2. Systems – As I mentioned earlier, when I left my first site to open my second, I felt I had done enough with my systems to keep the business tight, and operating effectively. I was wrong. I can not emphasise enough, just how tight your systems need to be before you go on to operate multi-sites. Everything from how you answer the phone, to how you greet a client, how you put stock away, how many mls of product you use for each product (yes, I said mls), scripts for rebooking, scripts for retail, KPI’s and how to achieve them, how to say farewell, how to do follow up calls, how to put a transaction through, how to clean (yep… HOW to clean), how to do end of day, how to do start of day, what are the uniform standards, how to handle complaints, what should a Manager be doing each minute of every day…. and the list goes on and on. Here’s the test – Get a friend or a partner to come in and read through your systems. If there is anything in them that they, as someone who isn’t in the industry, can’t understand, then you haven’t yet simplified your systems enough… and/or they aren’t thorough enough. You want your systems so tight, that you can ask your baby brother to come in and run the salon, and they could do a reasonable job at it, solely based on the documentation and systems you have in place.

3. Staff – Remember that your staff will always behave their very best when you are there… and if you think they won’t drop the ball when you’re not there, then you are naive! Even the absolute best staff will drop their productivity and performance when you’re not there, so expect that this will happen. The truth is that when you open your second site, you will be putting so much effort and energy into that, that the staff in your first site will feel that they can take the foot off the gas. You need to make the time to ALWAYS keep checking in, keep holding them accountable, and having a Manager in place that you can trust with your life!

4. Training – Before you leave your first site, you want to make sure that your staff are trained so well, that they feel like professional athletes in your business! I cannot express it enough, how much you take for granted the impact that YOU as the Owner, has on the daily operations of the business. You just don’t realise how many fires you put out, how many questions you easily answer, how many things you ‘fix up’! Once you step out of the business, you need to rely on your Team to do all of those things with the same grace, ease and effectiveness as you do. This comes from training, training, training… and even more training. When do you know you’ve trained enough? When they know more about their role than you do, and can perform it better than you can!

5. Time – One of the biggest things to look out for is how you allocate your time. You will have a brand new baby with so many demands, and you will need to look after it like a baby if it’s going to survive. This means being there for it night and day. Feeding it (with money and resources) when it needs feeding. Making sure it doesn’t get into trouble by doing silly things! Doing all of these things is a requirement for the business, but it doesn’t mean that your other child (your other business) is just totally self sufficient. Nope, it’s still going to need feeding, still need looking after and nurturing. When you have one child, it’s easy. When you have two, it gets a whole lot harder, and you start to feel the pinch of your time being stretched. Thoughts of being cloned will start to emerge frequently, as you try to find ways of being in two places at once… but the reality is that you can’t – so something has to give! The only way you can navigate the ‘Time-Trap’ is to make sure points 1 through 4 above are checked and ticked off a thousand times over, and that you schedule every single minute of the day, so you are the most productive version of yourself that you can be.

6. Stress – You will become stressed. It is a fact. If you think that because you were successful in your first location, that you’re now going to breeze into your second… think again. The success of your first salon, could be down to it’s location, the clientele, the timing. The fact that you were there 60 hours a week and knew every Client’s name who walked in. The fact you had steady cashflow and time to plan marketing and promotions. ALL of this changes with your second site, and all these things you took for granted when you had one site, will become exposed when you have two sites to now deal with. This will cause stress and it will take it’s toll on your personal relationships, but if you have made sure to look after all the steps above, then you will reduce the stress you will face. You wont remove it, but you can reduce it.

7. Marketing – If you are thinking about opening a second site, then you better be sure that you are totally switched on with your marketing. One of the benefits of having multiple sites, is that in theory you should be able to create an annual marketing plan, and then basically use that for all your sites – simply change the contact details. If however, you don’t have your marketing sorted for site one, and you’re not confident in your marketing in site one, then all you will do is double the work you need to do to keep clients coming in the door for both salons. It will be like treading water in the middle of the ocean with an elephant on your back, until something gives and you drown. I urge you before you open a second site, that you make sure your branding, your Instagram, your Facebook, your Google Ads, your Direct Mail, your Email, your customer & lead follow up etc… are all proven, setup and working in the first site. By doing this and having these in place, it will allow you to open and build up each of your new sites much quicker, easier and WITHOUT the excessive amounts of stress that you may face if you don’t!

So I hope this helps. My story over the past 10 years, growing multiple businesses, is a more of a story of what not to do, than it is what to do.

Take these warnings as a guide, and use them as your point of reference, to always refer to before opening another location.

I know the temptation to grow is a hard one to ignore, but if you don’t take notice of these 7 warning signs, then you are either in for a long, hard and stressful road… or worse, you may lose it all!

P.S If you’ve loved this, then I’d love it if you hit that ‘share’ button and let other people know! It means the world to me! 🙂

Strip. Lift. Extend… (The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Lashes)

So you probably thought i was about to blog about some sort of weird dance move?

My current status: Sitting in the car with my hubby driving, kids in the back arguing over Katy Perry….. Me in the front with noise cancelling earphones in, blogging!

…Who said being a BossBabe was glamorous!?

Now, the point of the blog. LASHES!!!

As a lash salon owner, I am always asking clients the same questions to determine whats best for them, and what style of lashes they would like.

The answers are always so different, yet they all want the same thing. To improve on what they already have and to make their eyes more attractive than what they already are.

Now im sure I’ll get flogged for saying this, BUT natural isn’t always best. If everyone was happy with how they looked naturally, there would be a lot of us without jobs.

Im happy to say that we help women feel better about themselves. Its truly amazing the confidence a lash treatment can give a girl. That look they give when they first see their new lashes, the confidence that immediately brings…

They feel sexier, prettier and more glamorous! Its truly breathtaking!

Soo, what options does a girl have? Im going to make this super simple, so you can decide whats right for you!


The old faithful lashes. They come in huge variety of styles, lengths & brands. Some natural, some look like blinkers – but theres one for everyone! From around $12.95-19.95, they are easily applied and last 12-24hrs. Great for nights out with no commitments. A one night stand if you wish!


Next level commitment – The lash lift!

Using silicon rods, the lashes are lifted from the root and “permed” – Thats really the easiest description to use – Unless you want a really technical list (didn’t think so).

You will most likely fall asleep while the treatment is being done as it’s super relaxing. After the lift, your technician should recommend a tint & some lash botox (no needles) to make it really pop!

Results last up to 8-10 weeks. You can wear as much mascara as you like with these (thank God) and there is no maintenance! The only downside to this is if you have super short / sparse lashes, as the results will not be as good.


Full commitment, lashes for days – celebrity style!

Move over Kim Kardashian, you’re no longer the lash queen! Lash Extensions have quickly become the hottest must have treatment since botox and lip fillers… Without the massive price tag!

With individual and volume options available, unlimited length & style options; Eyelash Extensions add length and volume to your natural lashes and are very easy to maintain. Refills are required every 2-3 weeks to “fill in” the lash gaps from natural shedding and they’re fabulous if you like to wear minimal makeup & look “done” every day!

The downside is that you cant wear mascara – not that you’d need it!

Really, there is no bad & ugly, unless you go cheap & nasty….. but that is a whole other blog!

Lash Love,

Desiree xx

P.S – To chat about any of these services in salon, hit the links below!

Lash Lift – Lash Extensions –

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Let’s Talk Salon Websites

Does your Salon Website turn browsers and followers into Customers?

Transform your ordinary Salon Website into a Customer Attraction and Retention Machine.

So much attention to goes on  Salon Social Media to attract customers! However, that can leave you with a website that simply acts as an online business card.

Maybe it takes bookings, introduces your team and showcases some pictures but there is very little nurturing and relationship building going on.

BUT…. they are so much more expensive than a social media page that costs nothing to put online… why would you even bother?

Your Salon Website is your Home, a place that you control, unlike Social Media.

You only have to look at other industries to know that having and controlling your own online home pays off massively when it comes to building long time success.

Your Salon Website is the place to showcase your brand, create content for your customers and collect information for further relationship building.

Transform your Salon Website and use it to guide followers and browsers into loyal customers.

Segment them on interests and deliver them what they want on social and with email. It’s easy.

There are some key elements your website needs to attract and retain customers. Check them out…



Social is cool…we all love it but, can you collect your followers’ details very easily?

Yes, you can retarget fans and followers from their activity on your FB or Insta page but you can’t reach out and email them directly and send them offers they may be interested in.

More than 80% of the people that visit your salon’s website will leave without you ever hearing from them again. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Fix this by adding a contact form on your site inviting people to join your VIP Club and leave their email address for a special discount or promotion. Once you have their email address you can start communicating with them through email. Soon enough you’ll convert them to loyal clients!

Remember to try and get this contact form or opt in box ‘above the fold’. This means that it should be on the page as it loads and not below where you have to scroll.

Here’s an example of a salon website that creates promotions and hair style Reports in exchange for email addresses.



Accept online bookings if it is right for your business.

Have a contact form that connects to your email so at least prospective customers can finish their time on your website by reaching out to you.

Make your phone number large and clickable from a mobile device.

Show your address and directions on the homepage. A map in the footer works really well.

Have an obvious ‘Book Now’  button or link on your homepage



People search on their phones for everything these days.

Your formatting and content must be responsive on both desk top and mobile.

Add a ‘Call Now’ button.

It’s often the pricing and contact information that can get out of sync with mobile.

Check that this still represents your brand and services.



Call Us

Book Now

Learn More

Learn How


All things you want your reader to do on your salon Website. CTA’s – Call To Actions – need to be clear and concise, not confusing, clever or overwhelming. Too many choices make people confused.

A page can have a maximum of three directions or choices. Once the reader goes toward what they want to know more about or are interested in, there should just be one choice. This is what we call marketing funnels.

Too many choices make people confused.

We want to funnel potential customers towards services and products they might be interested in, then deepen their knowledge about that subject via a blog, video or sales page.

Then we can position ourselves as an obvious choice when they are ready to buy the service or product. So remember to have a clear CTA and tell them what to do next!



Please only use quality images that represent you and your brand. Not all stock photos are the same and it’s hard for all of us to have high-end photos of our work but please….

Get a photographer to come and do some fab shots of your salon and team. Then begin to put some photos of your work together for your Salon Website. These are an investment.

If you do weddings ask them to send over some of the pics for you to use. Candid in salon stuff is fine for social but not your website.



Social proof does wonders for winning over new clients. A page dedicated to this is great but even better…sprinkle them through your content and animate the sections for maximum effect. Photos of the customer with the testimonial is an even better endorsement.



Writing Copy for your site is a skill and we often focus on the features of a product or service, not the benefits.

People want to know how things make them feel, how they look and what the benefits are to them, not the features.

Have you taken the Copy Challenge?

There is no time to waste if you want to improve the way you communicate with your customers on your website, ads, posts and emails.

It’s available FREE in The Salon Resource Library.

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Branding is your style. The voice, look and feel of your salon. If you are super cool your brand needs to say that through your colours, fonts, images and how you communicate. If you are a bit kooky then let your brand portray that.

Consistency across all your platforms is very important. Not enough salons pay attention to this. You want to be recognisable and reliably speak consistently. People like to know what to expect from a brand. Think Apple, Kardashians, L’Oreal or M.A.C.

The Copy Challenge has a style sheet you can copy that allows you to map out how you want to be seen. This is a small example of part of the style sheet

We worked with our designer to create a brand that resonated with us, spoke our message and laid the foundation for who we are.

Attracting the right customer to your business starts with your branding, reaching out and touching the customers that want to be part of your tribe. This is a crucial element to getting the salon Success Path set in motion.

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Your Salon Website About page should be about your customer and what you can do for them…not about you.

Follow with some bios and pics of your team but remember people are much more interested in themselves than they are in you!



More is less… Simplicity Rules.

You always hear it but we don’t always do it!

Your Website is about your customers and they want to get to the heart of things without too much fuss.

Too many pages…or not enough with too much text or funky fonts, that they

can’t read won’t help turn them into customers.

The psychology of turning a reader or follower into a customer all comes to play in your salon website.

You want to take them on a journey and have them pushing that BOOK NOW button because you have impressed them, they trust your professionalism and they want to join your tribe.

Don’t over complicate it or try to be too clever and miss the golden opportunity that is someone trying to find out more about your business and see if it is a good fit from checking out your website.




This isn’t always the pretty stuff but just like you plan for your salon to function well, you need for the backend of your salon website to be doing its job.

This means SEO, Plugins, Widgets and Hosting.

Page load time and searchability need attention.

Now this will come down to how you operate. If you have hired someone to do your website they could be taking care of this with the hosting package. If you have done it yourself then keep it updated!

After reading this you might realise your Salon Website needs some love and attention. The Salon Resource Library Copy Challenge is a great place to start.

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