10 Things That Are Hurting Your Salon!

We all have them.

The things that we are doing frequently and consistently that are hurting our salon…

and our future successes.

Even though Ive been in business now for over a decade and made every mistake you’re told not to make, I still make mistakes and Im still making mistakes today.

Im not sure if making mistakes is necessarily all together bad, though.

I mean, yes, it hurts sometimes in terms of lost time and money…

…but as long as the mistake isn’t too massive, I look at mistakes sometimes as a way to at least know that I’m still taking risks… and that’s important to me.

Let me be clear about this though – there is a VERY big difference between carelessness and recklessness! Don’t be reckless.


So simple mistakes aren’t all together bad, but there are things that are in your salon right now, that you are responsible for, that are hurting you far more than simple mistakes. So let’s have a look:

1. Not Being a Subject Matter Expert on Marketing and Sales – Boy, if I had a dollar for every time somebody asked me what the biggest thing is that would change my business. The answer is always the same.

Become a master at marketing and sales. Read, listen and watch from the greatest marketers and sales people…. repeat. If you are not the subject matter expert in your business when it comes to marketing and sales, then it is massively hurting your salon! Learn this – it is the number one thing.

2. Sitting On The Fence – They say a million dollar idea comes at you once a day. Too often though, we wait and see, before taking action.

Your lack of courage to take advantage of opportunities, be one of the first to do something, learn a brand new skill or implement something completely revolutionary is hurting you in more ways than you can imagine.

Stop sitting on the fence with things, and either take the leap or find something else to leap into. Sitting on the fence is hurting your business.

3. Marketing To The Middle Class – Either adopt a ‘low cost – high volume’ model, or a ‘high cost – low volume’ model. Using a ‘middle cost – middle volume’ model puts you in the middle… or another word for the middle, is the ‘average‘.

When you play in the world of the average, you get average results. If you’re answer to the question ‘how are you priced?‘ is ‘we’re not the most expensive, and we’re not the cheapest‘ then you need to stop and reassess.

Pick a market, pick a model, but don’t pick the middle class model. It’s very busy and very hard to make a difference.


4. Not Having a Membership Program – A membership program is fundamental to any business these days. Not having one can be like death by a thousand cuts. Loyalty is dying, but every business still needs and desires it.

A membership program will give you peace of mind with guaranteed consistent client numbers, and with guaranteed monthly sales.

Not having this, whilst your competitors do, is hurting your salon.

5. Not Planning Your Marketing – When you don’t plan your marketing, it’s called reactive marketing. This is what businesses do all the time, and often what leads to massive wastage in marketing costs… and lack of any real results.

Spend some time to map out your marketing plan for the year. When you market reactively, it hurts your salon, so be proactive.

6. Not Knowing Your Numbers – It amazes me how few salon owners know their finances. Don’t get me wrong. I used to be like that, until I realised not only how much money I was losing by not knowing, but also, how much I was losing out on, in missed revenue.

It’s not as hard as you think to learn, so do yourself a massive favour and at least learn your profit & loss, cashflow and managing your budget. These are the basics you must master.

7. Not Having A Point of Difference – This one is similar to marketing to the middle class. When you don’t have a point of difference, you are amongst the average.

A strong point of difference will allow you to not have to compete on price, will give you a unique message with your marketing… and you will be remembered. I have to point out on this one, that your customer service and your products are NOT a point of difference. It has to be something, unique, different, memorable.


8. Competing on Price – The temptation is always there to be the cheapest. After all, that’s how some of the big players do it.

We convince ourselves that the most affordable, wins the game. But it’s not actually what client’s want.

Instead of lowering your price, increase what your customer gets. Value add, and give them more (or something different) than what your competitors are.

9. Staying a Technician – The normal pattern for a salon owner is that they have been a therapist or a hairdresser, moved into management and then opened their own business.

The problem is, business is totally different to hair or beauty, and requires a totally different set of skills for you to be successful.

If you spend your days cutting hair or waxing or doing facials, and not on marketing, sales and finances, then it is hurting your salon.

10. Waiting for Technology to Slow Down – Business is speeding up, not slowing down. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat… will all be a thing of the past soon, as new technology will replace it.

Facebook Ads have already changed massively this year, and businesses have had to change strategies to get results.

If you are hoping and praying that this online marketing thing and social media, will soon go away, unfortunately, you need to change your mindset.

Things are speeding up, it’s getting more technical and it’s essential you keep ahead of this. Don’t rely on others to know this for you, don’t hope it will go away. You need to learn technology or it will harm your business.


Using gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc. as your email address. This is hurting your customer perception.

It costs next to nothing to set your custom email up, and it looks a hundred times more professional. Make a great first impression and make sure that you’re using your custom email domain. 

So that’s it. These are 10 things harming your salon. Don’t beat yourself up about it if your committing many of these sins, but know that you need to do something about it and eliminate these if you want the best shot at success.

Be awesome.

Billy Rickman.

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