Every business needs two types of marketing – Client Nurture Marketing, or in other words, marketing to your existing database…

… and marketing to new Clients! 

Most salons are good at marketing to existing Clients, but they struggle getting new people in the door to fill the rooms!

The thing is, most people are so jaded by businesses and salons these days, and it takes a lot for someone to trust you on what you say!

It seems that now there are only 3 ways to overcome this. You can:

  1. Provide tonnes of social proof (testimonials and referrals)
  2. Be insanely good at writing ads or;
  3. Provide a low barrier to entry (LBT) offer that allows new clients to dip their toes in the water, and see for themselves how good you are, without a massive commitment.

I teach my Inner Circle Clients to always look at LBT’s around the $20 – $40 mark, and make sure that the service you offer, is something they’re going to remember and come back for.

It’s not a bad thing to use an LBT to get people in…

It IS a bad thing to constantly discount in order to keep people coming back.

Will you get bargain hunters from this strategy?…. Sure, you’ll get a couple.

But you will also get a tonne of great new clients that will keep your salon full, pumping… and the cash register ringing! 

Check out this video showing how I used this strategy to get 249 New Clients in only 18 days for one Salon!

Be awesome.


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