So you probably thought i was about to blog about some sort of weird dance move?

My current status: Sitting in the car with my hubby driving, kids in the back arguing over Katy Perry….. Me in the front with noise cancelling earphones in, blogging!

…Who said being a BossBabe was glamorous!?

Now, the point of the blog. LASHES!!!

As a lash salon owner, I am always asking clients the same questions to determine whats best for them, and what style of lashes they would like.

The answers are always so different, yet they all want the same thing. To improve on what they already have and to make their eyes more attractive than what they already are.

Now im sure I’ll get flogged for saying this, BUT natural isn’t always best. If everyone was happy with how they looked naturally, there would be a lot of us without jobs.

Im happy to say that we help women feel better about themselves. Its truly amazing the confidence a lash treatment can give a girl. That look they give when they first see their new lashes, the confidence that immediately brings…

They feel sexier, prettier and more glamorous! Its truly breathtaking!

Soo, what options does a girl have? Im going to make this super simple, so you can decide whats right for you!


The old faithful lashes. They come in huge variety of styles, lengths & brands. Some natural, some look like blinkers – but theres one for everyone! From around $12.95-19.95, they are easily applied and last 12-24hrs. Great for nights out with no commitments. A one night stand if you wish!


Next level commitment – The lash lift!

Using silicon rods, the lashes are lifted from the root and “permed” – Thats really the easiest description to use – Unless you want a really technical list (didn’t think so).

You will most likely fall asleep while the treatment is being done as it’s super relaxing. After the lift, your technician should recommend a tint & some lash botox (no needles) to make it really pop!

Results last up to 8-10 weeks. You can wear as much mascara as you like with these (thank God) and there is no maintenance! The only downside to this is if you have super short / sparse lashes, as the results will not be as good.


Full commitment, lashes for days – celebrity style!

Move over Kim Kardashian, you’re no longer the lash queen! Lash Extensions have quickly become the hottest must have treatment since botox and lip fillers… Without the massive price tag!

With individual and volume options available, unlimited length & style options; Eyelash Extensions add length and volume to your natural lashes and are very easy to maintain. Refills are required every 2-3 weeks to “fill in” the lash gaps from natural shedding and they’re fabulous if you like to wear minimal makeup & look “done” every day!

The downside is that you cant wear mascara – not that you’d need it!

Really, there is no bad & ugly, unless you go cheap & nasty….. but that is a whole other blog!

Lash Love,

Desiree xx

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