This pic below is one of success. To you, it looks like a washer/ dryer combo and a fridge. To me, it’s a testament to the fact that I’m not going to go bankrupt.

It’s the first time I’ve felt this way in 13 months!

Last Saturday, I beamed as I walked into the local ‘Scratch n Dent’ to buy the Wellness Centre a new dryer. I was grinning like a Cheshire Cat, that I… person who was recently eating baked beans, can now actually afford one. I also knew we needed a new fridge when I walked in, but after worrying about where my next dollar was coming from, I was apprehensive…

…Until I remembered there was money in the bank – So I bought the freakin fridge as well. 💥

Just 3 months before, the thought of having to buy a dryer would have made me feel sick. I remember telling my business coach that I was living a baked beans lifestyle and I was worried about the fact that every dollar I had was in the business.

Today, I eat baked beans AND sausages (as he proclaimed the other day when celebrating some of my success).

The appliances not only represent the fact I’m not going bankrupt. They also represent expansion. The ‘little day spa that could’ is now turning over so many towels we couldn’t keep up…so we needed another dryer.

The Bronze Beauty of a fridge you see there, is a sign that we have more lunches to fit in. More staff, more practitioners, more services rolling out.

I was SO f$&@ing grateful in that Scratch n Dent store, I could die! I know there are heaps of businesses that don’t make it, but as I drove out the Scratch n Dent last Saturday with my bronze beauty, I was fist pumping….I had made it! 

So come get yo’ day spa everyone… We now have towels!!

Your baked bean and sausage eater

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