Here’s Salon Growth Tip number 4, to celebrate the launch of our Salon Growth Seminar tickets!

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Tip #4 – Work On Minimising Your Self Doubt

Everyone has it, and nobody is immune to it. It’s everywhere and it’s one of the biggest contributors to people not succeeding. 

I think a lot of the time, people see on my Facebook Lives, my Instagram stories, my Coaching etc. and think that I have tonnes of confidence and that it’ just easy for me…

Truth is, that I am no different to you! I still have self doubt and I still have those same voices in my head, as you do, about my own self worth and the value I can consistently provide to others.

In the past 5 months, I have created a brand new Coaching business, that will turn over close to $1million in year 1! 
You think because of this, that would be enough reason to not doubt myself, right?…

The truth is though, that no matter how successful you become, no matter how big you get, no matter how many wins you have, that voice will alway be there…

The only thing that differs in people is:

1. How loud it is and;

2. How long it stays there

You might have thought that these 12 days of Salon Growth tips would just be about marketing and sales, right? But I can assure you that if you are going to succeed…

…If you are going to grow and be the very best you can be; you have to acknowledge this voice exists and then work like crazy to tell it to SHUT UP!

The voice doesn’t serve you and only works to hinder your growth. You need to work hard on keeping it only a whisper. Work hard on reducing the frequency…

…and above all else, work hard on recognising it when it shows up, and then having a strategy to silence it straight away!

I promise you… If you want to crush it in your salon, have success beyond your wildest dreams, then this is a skill that you CAN’T BE WITHOUT!

Tomorrow I’ll be sending you Tip #5, so watch this space!

Until then, be awesome.


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