We’re continuing on with Salon Growth Tips, to celebrate the launch of our Salon Growth Seminar tickets! 

Keep watching, as for these 12 days, I’m sharing short tips with you to grow your business and keep ahead of the game!

Tip #3 – Build Your ChatBots

About 18 months ago, I was stumbling around online, doing my daily checks of blogs and videos and what not, to keep up to date with new marketing ideas.

I came across this video talking about these things called ‘BOTS’.

I had no clue what the heck a bot was, but there were some people commenting underneath saying that they had had some good results using this new strategy for marketing.

As all good entrepreneurs do, I put my hand in my pocket and signed up for a short course to learn more about them and see if I could use them in my own business? (What’s the worst that could happen, right?… I could lose a few bucks?)

What I didn’t anticipate from this simple transaction and from signing up to this short ‘Bot’ Course… is that it would literally CHANGE MY LIFE! 

I started using them and implementing what I had learnt, and IMMEDIATELY I started getting insane results!

I trialled them with all different parts of my Skin Clinic Franchises and with my Coaching business too…

…The results just kept getting better and better as I got my head around them and started to play with more advanced features.

Once I got confident in them, I wanted to help Salon Owners get the same results I did, so I created short 4 week course of my own called

Messenger Marketing for the Hair and Beauty Industry’. 

The course went crazy when I launched it, and since then, Ive been helping Salon Owners create Bots for their own Salons too see huge success!

I had one of my Coaching Clients achieve over $30,000 in ONE HOUR with a single Bot. I had another get over 250 bookings in a day! The list goes on and on and on…

I said the other week that ‘saying no to bots in your business now, is like saying NO to email 20 years ago’, and I stand by that!

They aren’t going anywhere and they are an absolutely vital marketing strategy for any business owner looking to grow their salon.

Stay tuned tomorrow when I unleash Tip #4!

Be awesome.


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