As promised yesterday, to celebrate the launch of our Salon Growth Seminar tickets, I’m giving you 12 Days of Salon Growth tips…

Each day, for the next 12 days, I’m going to give you short tips for you to grow your business and keep ahead of the game!

Tip #2 – Know Your Target Client

You know, so often I speak with people who’s version of a target Client, is someone between 30 and 50, female who likes to look after themselves.

Do you know how many people that would cover, but how different those people would be??

My Mum for example, falls into that category…. buuuut so too does my sister!

I can assure you that what would attract my Mum to an ad or a business, is NOT the same as would attract my sister!

My Mum loves family and relaxing and travelling and the golden oldies Music (sorry Mum)…

My sister loves the gym, coffee with other Mums, Kim Kardashian! 

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They both fall into the ‘TARGET AUDIENCE’, but they don’t respond to the same thing!

That’s why it’s important to know exactly who your target client is and market to that person over and over. Be consistent with your marketing, messaging, imagery, wording etc.

Consistency with your message builds trust and a connection with your Client – As if you know them, and they know you. It just works!

Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Just be amazing at being you, and the people who don’t get it will find somewhere else…

… But the people who get it, will come running and they will stay FOREVER!  

Stay tuned tomorrow for Tip #3!

Be awesome.


P.S If you’re thinking about heading to one of the Salon Growth Seminar events, I’m going to send you a Testimonial a day to, to see what others are saying!

Day #2: Christine Alger – Infinity Wellness Centre

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