Yesterday, we went LIVE with our Salon Growth Seminar ticketsand to celebrate the launch, I’m giving you 12 Days of Salon Growth tips…

Each day, for the next 12 days, I’m going to give short tips for you to grow your business and keep ahead of the game!

Tip #1 – Start a Facebook Group

For the past 17 days, Ive been trying to build my engagement on social media without spending a single cent on ads and marketing… the truth is…


Facebook is almost impossible now to get organic reach, and Instagram works – buuut only when you have a captive audience already.

Building that audience takes time, and so I was stuck with what to do!

Measuring all the data and analysing all the results, the best results from the past 17 days came from my Facebook group!

Dont get me wrong… my #SalonBoss group is only 2.1k members strong right now (so not massive), but with Facebook’s new algorithm, my Fan page posts were getting nothing, but my group posts were still getting engagement! 

Not only that, I was able to chat in the group in a more relaxed style and able to better nurture relationships, that turned into sales… without spending money on ads for my page.

So here’s my tip: The time you spend building your page – instead… build your group! 

You will get seen, you will get engagement and with Facebook’s new setup, you will get results, without spending big on ads!

The GOLDEN RULE though: If it’s a new group, do not sell in the group for 3 months. Remember this.

Stay tuned for Tip #2 coming at ya tomorrow!

Be awesome.


P.S If you’re thinking about heading to one of the Salon Growth Seminar events, I’m going to also send you a Testimonial a day, to see what others are saying!

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