Strip. Lift. Extend… (The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Lashes)

So you probably thought i was about to blog about some sort of weird dance move?

My current status: Sitting in the car with my hubby driving, kids in the back arguing over Katy Perry….. Me in the front with noise cancelling earphones in, blogging!

…Who said being a BossBabe was glamorous!?

Now, the point of the blog. LASHES!!!

As a lash salon owner, I am always asking clients the same questions to determine whats best for them, and what style of lashes they would like.

The answers are always so different, yet they all want the same thing. To improve on what they already have and to make their eyes more attractive than what they already are.

Now im sure I’ll get flogged for saying this, BUT natural isn’t always best. If everyone was happy with how they looked naturally, there would be a lot of us without jobs.

Im happy to say that we help women feel better about themselves. Its truly amazing the confidence a lash treatment can give a girl. That look they give when they first see their new lashes, the confidence that immediately brings…

They feel sexier, prettier and more glamorous! Its truly breathtaking!

Soo, what options does a girl have? Im going to make this super simple, so you can decide whats right for you!


The old faithful lashes. They come in huge variety of styles, lengths & brands. Some natural, some look like blinkers – but theres one for everyone! From around $12.95-19.95, they are easily applied and last 12-24hrs. Great for nights out with no commitments. A one night stand if you wish!


Next level commitment – The lash lift!

Using silicon rods, the lashes are lifted from the root and “permed” – Thats really the easiest description to use – Unless you want a really technical list (didn’t think so).

You will most likely fall asleep while the treatment is being done as it’s super relaxing. After the lift, your technician should recommend a tint & some lash botox (no needles) to make it really pop!

Results last up to 8-10 weeks. You can wear as much mascara as you like with these (thank God) and there is no maintenance! The only downside to this is if you have super short / sparse lashes, as the results will not be as good.


Full commitment, lashes for days – celebrity style!

Move over Kim Kardashian, you’re no longer the lash queen! Lash Extensions have quickly become the hottest must have treatment since botox and lip fillers… Without the massive price tag!

With individual and volume options available, unlimited length & style options; Eyelash Extensions add length and volume to your natural lashes and are very easy to maintain. Refills are required every 2-3 weeks to “fill in” the lash gaps from natural shedding and they’re fabulous if you like to wear minimal makeup & look “done” every day!

The downside is that you cant wear mascara – not that you’d need it!

Really, there is no bad & ugly, unless you go cheap & nasty….. but that is a whole other blog!

Lash Love,

Desiree xx

P.S – To chat about any of these services in salon, hit the links below!

Lash Lift – Lash Extensions –

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Let’s Talk Salon Websites

Does your Salon Website turn browsers and followers into Customers?

Transform your ordinary Salon Website into a Customer Attraction and Retention Machine.

So much attention to goes on  Salon Social Media to attract customers! However, that can leave you with a website that simply acts as an online business card.

Maybe it takes bookings, introduces your team and showcases some pictures but there is very little nurturing and relationship building going on.

BUT…. they are so much more expensive than a social media page that costs nothing to put online… why would you even bother?

Your Salon Website is your Home, a place that you control, unlike Social Media.

You only have to look at other industries to know that having and controlling your own online home pays off massively when it comes to building long time success.

Your Salon Website is the place to showcase your brand, create content for your customers and collect information for further relationship building.

Transform your Salon Website and use it to guide followers and browsers into loyal customers.

Segment them on interests and deliver them what they want on social and with email. It’s easy.

There are some key elements your website needs to attract and retain customers. Check them out…



Social is cool…we all love it but, can you collect your followers’ details very easily?

Yes, you can retarget fans and followers from their activity on your FB or Insta page but you can’t reach out and email them directly and send them offers they may be interested in.

More than 80% of the people that visit your salon’s website will leave without you ever hearing from them again. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Fix this by adding a contact form on your site inviting people to join your VIP Club and leave their email address for a special discount or promotion. Once you have their email address you can start communicating with them through email. Soon enough you’ll convert them to loyal clients!

Remember to try and get this contact form or opt in box ‘above the fold’. This means that it should be on the page as it loads and not below where you have to scroll.

Here’s an example of a salon website that creates promotions and hair style Reports in exchange for email addresses.



Accept online bookings if it is right for your business.

Have a contact form that connects to your email so at least prospective customers can finish their time on your website by reaching out to you.

Make your phone number large and clickable from a mobile device.

Show your address and directions on the homepage. A map in the footer works really well.

Have an obvious ‘Book Now’  button or link on your homepage



People search on their phones for everything these days.

Your formatting and content must be responsive on both desk top and mobile.

Add a ‘Call Now’ button.

It’s often the pricing and contact information that can get out of sync with mobile.

Check that this still represents your brand and services.



Call Us

Book Now

Learn More

Learn How


All things you want your reader to do on your salon Website. CTA’s – Call To Actions – need to be clear and concise, not confusing, clever or overwhelming. Too many choices make people confused.

A page can have a maximum of three directions or choices. Once the reader goes toward what they want to know more about or are interested in, there should just be one choice. This is what we call marketing funnels.

Too many choices make people confused.

We want to funnel potential customers towards services and products they might be interested in, then deepen their knowledge about that subject via a blog, video or sales page.

Then we can position ourselves as an obvious choice when they are ready to buy the service or product. So remember to have a clear CTA and tell them what to do next!



Please only use quality images that represent you and your brand. Not all stock photos are the same and it’s hard for all of us to have high-end photos of our work but please….

Get a photographer to come and do some fab shots of your salon and team. Then begin to put some photos of your work together for your Salon Website. These are an investment.

If you do weddings ask them to send over some of the pics for you to use. Candid in salon stuff is fine for social but not your website.



Social proof does wonders for winning over new clients. A page dedicated to this is great but even better…sprinkle them through your content and animate the sections for maximum effect. Photos of the customer with the testimonial is an even better endorsement.



Writing Copy for your site is a skill and we often focus on the features of a product or service, not the benefits.

People want to know how things make them feel, how they look and what the benefits are to them, not the features.

Have you taken the Copy Challenge?

There is no time to waste if you want to improve the way you communicate with your customers on your website, ads, posts and emails.

It’s available FREE in The Salon Resource Library.

Get Access To The Resource Library HERE



Branding is your style. The voice, look and feel of your salon. If you are super cool your brand needs to say that through your colours, fonts, images and how you communicate. If you are a bit kooky then let your brand portray that.

Consistency across all your platforms is very important. Not enough salons pay attention to this. You want to be recognisable and reliably speak consistently. People like to know what to expect from a brand. Think Apple, Kardashians, L’Oreal or M.A.C.

The Copy Challenge has a style sheet you can copy that allows you to map out how you want to be seen. This is a small example of part of the style sheet

We worked with our designer to create a brand that resonated with us, spoke our message and laid the foundation for who we are.

Attracting the right customer to your business starts with your branding, reaching out and touching the customers that want to be part of your tribe. This is a crucial element to getting the salon Success Path set in motion.

Get the Style Sheet in the Copy Challenge. Get Access To The Resource Library HERE



Your Salon Website About page should be about your customer and what you can do for them…not about you.

Follow with some bios and pics of your team but remember people are much more interested in themselves than they are in you!



More is less… Simplicity Rules.

You always hear it but we don’t always do it!

Your Website is about your customers and they want to get to the heart of things without too much fuss.

Too many pages…or not enough with too much text or funky fonts, that they

can’t read won’t help turn them into customers.

The psychology of turning a reader or follower into a customer all comes to play in your salon website.

You want to take them on a journey and have them pushing that BOOK NOW button because you have impressed them, they trust your professionalism and they want to join your tribe.

Don’t over complicate it or try to be too clever and miss the golden opportunity that is someone trying to find out more about your business and see if it is a good fit from checking out your website.




This isn’t always the pretty stuff but just like you plan for your salon to function well, you need for the backend of your salon website to be doing its job.

This means SEO, Plugins, Widgets and Hosting.

Page load time and searchability need attention.

Now this will come down to how you operate. If you have hired someone to do your website they could be taking care of this with the hosting package. If you have done it yourself then keep it updated!

After reading this you might realise your Salon Website needs some love and attention. The Salon Resource Library Copy Challenge is a great place to start.

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I Bought Natural Skincare and My Skin Still Sucks…

You’ve Finally Found The Holy Grail Of Skincare – Natural Skincare Products!

These beautifully packaged, so called “natural skincare” butters and oils promise to take you to skincare nirvana. But after a few weeks use your skin is still kinda feeling the same. Mildly better, but it’s not rocking your world. What went wrong?

So often my clients arrive in my clinic announcing they’re all about natural skincare and organic skincare and they’re so glad they found me. But they still face a variety of skin concerns ranging from acne to dryness, an organic oil is supposed to be hydrating right?! Well sort of…

Here Is Why Your Natural Products Are Still Giving You Sucky Skin

You Picked The Wrong Product For Your Skin Condition

You’ve had the same combination skin forever and get pesky breakouts about once a month still. You’re over the shine and want clear glowing skin, the bottle says for normal-oily skin so you’re good, right?

Not necessarily. There are more factors going on in your skin than just your skin type. Choosing a broad range product for your skin type won’t address the underlying skin condition only a skin care professional can spot.

Although these online retailers give general guidance, it’s not the same as getting advice from a trained skin expert.

Your Product Isn’t That Natural

Greenwashing is HUGE still. So many products have the words ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ in the label, or come in pretty amber packaging on wooden shelves, but they’re not natural. They still contain petro-chemical ingredients like sulfates that are going to sabotage your skin.

Lots of clients come to me using products like (that product that sounds like Aesop) thinking its natural and wondering why their skin isn’t improving. This is not your fault, but if I can educate you on which are the natural skincare products and what to spot, you’ll be less likely to fall into the trap of fake natural products.

You’re Confused About Product Terms

With the explosion of natural products on the market certain terms have been confused like oils and serums. Many natural brands market their face oils as ‘serums’, which is not entirely the correct description. Traditionally serums are more like a thin gel consistency that disappear deep into the skin carrying vitamins and antioxidants and a moisturiser I used to lock it in.

Oils on the other hand don’t disappear into the skin straight away like a serum and it isn’t necessary to lock them in with a moisturiser as well. Serums are more effective at carrying vitamins into the skin than just oils. Depending on your skin condition and preference these two products have very different purposes.

You’ve Found A Funky Little Artisan Brand That’s Handmade

Now I love these little finds as much as the next person, and believe in supporting them to grow into the best version they can be…. BUT it is a little bit buyer-beware when skincare is being mixed up at home, so I tend to stick to more general body products while these products are new.

There are a few issues with small homemade brands. Testing for microbial fungus doesn’t happen, so if there’s an issue with the product it could cause adverse reactions. Also testing for splitting and separation of the product may not be done thoroughly enough leaving you with a jar of split sludge.

Finally, if essential oils are used and are too strong it can also cause adverse reactions on the skin, and UV sensitivity. Of course this does not apply to all brands, but buyer-beware.

So What Do You Do To Get The Best Out Of Organic And Natural skincare?

Ultimately consulting an expert with professional brands is the best way to go. But since natural and organic salons are not the norm yet, it can be tricky to find one. Plus then you have the extra expense of having a treatment done, when all you may want is some awesome skincare that’s going to work day to day.

This is why I’ve created the concept of an online skin consultation that gives you access to my online store of professional brands. Professional advice ü professional brands ü all natural and organic ü. Plus you get the added bonus of then being a customer and you can re-order our professional products to suit the changing conditions of the skin (and continue to grow with us as we expand our offering).

You don’t need to be in Melbourne or make it into the clinic. To book, simply click here – Online Skin Consultation

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Baked Beans And Sausages

This pic below is one of success. To you, it looks like a washer/ dryer combo and a fridge. To me, it’s a testament to the fact that I’m not going to go bankrupt.

It’s the first time I’ve felt this way in 13 months!

Last Saturday, I beamed as I walked into the local ‘Scratch n Dent’ to buy the Wellness Centre a new dryer. I was grinning like a Cheshire Cat, that I… person who was recently eating baked beans, can now actually afford one. I also knew we needed a new fridge when I walked in, but after worrying about where my next dollar was coming from, I was apprehensive…

…Until I remembered there was money in the bank – So I bought the freakin fridge as well. 💥

Just 3 months before, the thought of having to buy a dryer would have made me feel sick. I remember telling my business coach that I was living a baked beans lifestyle and I was worried about the fact that every dollar I had was in the business.

Today, I eat baked beans AND sausages (as he proclaimed the other day when celebrating some of my success).

The appliances not only represent the fact I’m not going bankrupt. They also represent expansion. The ‘little day spa that could’ is now turning over so many towels we couldn’t keep up…so we needed another dryer.

The Bronze Beauty of a fridge you see there, is a sign that we have more lunches to fit in. More staff, more practitioners, more services rolling out.

I was SO f$&@ing grateful in that Scratch n Dent store, I could die! I know there are heaps of businesses that don’t make it, but as I drove out the Scratch n Dent last Saturday with my bronze beauty, I was fist pumping….I had made it! 

So come get yo’ day spa everyone… We now have towels!!

Your baked bean and sausage eater

Psych Chrissy

Psych Chrissy is set to announce her new podcast Well AF date soon PLUS the huge wellness giveaway that will be given to subscribers….

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Salon Growth Tip: 6 of 12

We’re half way there!

As you know by now, Im giving you 12 days of Salon Growth Tips to celebrate the launch of our Salon Growth Seminar tickets…. and this is number 6!

These short tips are designed to help you grow your business and help you to succeed!

In 2010, I had been in business around two years. A few years earlier this thing had come out called ‘Facebook‘…. I know Im showing my age a bit!

I remember signing up for the first time in 2009 and was amazed that I had people on there that I knew and could connect with. Even people I hadn’t spoken to or seen in years! 

In early 2010, there was all this buzz about how businesses could now create a Facebook account and you could market your business for FREE on there. All you needed to do was get people to follow you. Seemed simple enough.

You would simply ask people to follow your business, provide value and you could eventually turn all your new followers into customers!!

The more I got into it, the more I saw what other businesses were doing with it. One business even had a welcome message that came up on the screen when people first ‘liked‘ the page.

I thought that was pretty cool, so I decided I wanted to do it too. I looked up how to do it, and turns out I had to code it…

…There was an option to write the code into Facebook and sure enough, I learnt how to do it and create this snazzy welcome page… well, snazzy at the time! 

It’s now 8 years on and things have changed dramatically. We now have Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and many, many more online platforms.

Even though things have changed, the basic principal still remains the same …. get people to follow you, provide value and they will eventually become a customer!

You no longer need to learn coding to make changes on Facebook, and all of the innovation has just made online marketing so much easier…

…The thing is though, that there’s just so many more platforms than just Facebook now, and the audience has been diluted on each one.

For this reason and this reason alone, you simply cannot have a social strategy that relies on 1 or 2 platforms with one or two posts per day.

Doing this is like making a drop in the ocean…and with new algorithm changes across multiple platforms, it’s becoming even harder to be seen.

This is why you must diversify your social strategy, and you must compete on every platform – yep, even if you don’t want to. THIS IS BUSINESS IN 2018! 

So here’s the minimum that you need to post on and update regularly:

1. Facebook Page

2. Facebook Group

3. Facebook Live

4. Facebook Story

5. Instagram Page

7. Instagram Live

8. Instagram Story

9. LinkedIn Personal

10. LinkedIn Business

11. Twitter

12. Google Plus Business

13. Pinterest Business

14. Blog

15. YouTube

16. Podcast

These 16 platforms are the ESSENTIALS you need, in order to stay ahead of the game, grow your business, and remain top-of-mind with your Clients.

I know it sounds overwhelming, but in business, you must be willing to do the hard things to make it work. Online marketing is not going away, so you need to accept that it’s here to stay and embrace it!

I promise you’ll have fun and it will be easier once you get into a flow and learn how to cross-post across many of these platforms all in one hit.

I recommend Loomly for posting, for transcribing and Anchor for podcasting.

A bit of a long one today, but I hope youre now determined to reassess your social strategy and really get the attention of your potential and current customers. Watch out for Tip number 7 tomorrow!

Be awesome.


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Day #6: Feriel Ali – The Verve Lounge

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Salon Growth Tip: 5 of 12

We’re up to Day number 5 of Salon Growth Tips, to celebrate the launch of our Salon Growth Seminar tickets!

For 7 more days, I’m sharing short tips with you to grow your business and help you to succeed!

Tip #5 – KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) & Targets

When I was only 18 years, I seriously had no clue what I wanted to do in life.

I was at Uni at the time studying Tourism Management, and I hated it.

One day a few of my school friends suggested we all join the Navy! Why not, I thought. I get to see the world and most importantly, I didn’t have to study at Uni anymore.

There’s something about structured learning that doesn’t sit well with me. I think it’s the fact you have to go at other people’s pace.

When I want to learn something, Im all in, I totally geek out and hate having to wait or run at someone else’s speed!

Anyways, I ended up joining the Navy and the 4 other friends who came with me to the recruitment interview,….. well, they didn’t. Cheers fellas! 

Long story short, I served 8 years in the Navy and had to put in a sudden discharge because the girl I was dating at the time had ruined a beauty salon I bought for her and was using the money for all sorts of things she shouldn’t.


Day 1, I remember being so scared. I knew nothing about beauty and nothing about business. Women were coming in and asking about Brazilian waxing, and I was just standing there like ‘ugh’……!

The best decision I ever made was getting a business coach straight off the bat.

His name was Evan Kolbe, and he taught me everything I needed to know about business systemisation. Most importantly, he told me a story about Mining Tycoon –‘Twiggy Forrest’.

He told me that Twiggy famously once said that the ‘3 main ways why I succeed in business is because I’…

  1. Measure Everything
  2. Measure Everything
  3. Measure Everything

This really stuck with me. Evan helped me to create KPI’s and Targets for my Team, and most importantly, how to track them every single week to keep the Team accountable and motivated to achieving them!

This system was the foundation for all my successes that were to come in the future.

So here’s the basics for you to get started:

  1. Have KPI’s for Hourly Rate (5x pay rate), Rebooking (70%), Retail (30%), Avg. $ Sale ($120)
  2. The Manager/Owner should track these hourly… that’s right, I said HOURLY!
  3. Have worksheets that each Team Member needs to complete before they go home each day
  4. Have weekly meetings with each Team Member and run through their numbers with them. Provide positive feedback and some areas for improvement
  5. Have a perfect balance of consequence (for not achieving) and rewards (for achieving)
  6. Make sure the rewards are things that are formally documented so the Team can see them and that they are worth working hard for
  7. Keep your Team accountable and ALWAYS follow through

That’s it. We’re now 5 tips down for Salon Growth. I hope you’ve been starting to implement these in your Salon, and are now gearing up for tip number 6 tomorrow.

Be awesome!


P.S If you’re thinking about heading to one of the Salon Growth Seminar events, I’m going to send you a Testimonial a day to, to see what others are saying!

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Salon Growth Tip: 4 of 12

Here’s Salon Growth Tip number 4, to celebrate the launch of our Salon Growth Seminar tickets!

Keep watching for 8 more days, as I’m sharing hot tips with you to grow your business and keep ahead of the game!

Tip #4 – Work On Minimising Your Self Doubt

Everyone has it, and nobody is immune to it. It’s everywhere and it’s one of the biggest contributors to people not succeeding. 

I think a lot of the time, people see on my Facebook Lives, my Instagram stories, my Coaching etc. and think that I have tonnes of confidence and that it’ just easy for me…

Truth is, that I am no different to you! I still have self doubt and I still have those same voices in my head, as you do, about my own self worth and the value I can consistently provide to others.

In the past 5 months, I have created a brand new Coaching business, that will turn over close to $1million in year 1! 
You think because of this, that would be enough reason to not doubt myself, right?…

The truth is though, that no matter how successful you become, no matter how big you get, no matter how many wins you have, that voice will alway be there…

The only thing that differs in people is:

1. How loud it is and;

2. How long it stays there

You might have thought that these 12 days of Salon Growth tips would just be about marketing and sales, right? But I can assure you that if you are going to succeed…

…If you are going to grow and be the very best you can be; you have to acknowledge this voice exists and then work like crazy to tell it to SHUT UP!

The voice doesn’t serve you and only works to hinder your growth. You need to work hard on keeping it only a whisper. Work hard on reducing the frequency…

…and above all else, work hard on recognising it when it shows up, and then having a strategy to silence it straight away!

I promise you… If you want to crush it in your salon, have success beyond your wildest dreams, then this is a skill that you CAN’T BE WITHOUT!

Tomorrow I’ll be sending you Tip #5, so watch this space!

Until then, be awesome.


P.S If you’re thinking about heading to one of the Salon Growth Seminar events, I’m going to send you a Testimonial a day to, to see what others are saying!

Day #4: Desiree Georgiou – Fashion Fingers Albury

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Salon Growth Tip: 3 of 12

We’re continuing on with Salon Growth Tips, to celebrate the launch of our Salon Growth Seminar tickets! 

Keep watching, as for these 12 days, I’m sharing short tips with you to grow your business and keep ahead of the game!

Tip #3 – Build Your ChatBots

About 18 months ago, I was stumbling around online, doing my daily checks of blogs and videos and what not, to keep up to date with new marketing ideas.

I came across this video talking about these things called ‘BOTS’.

I had no clue what the heck a bot was, but there were some people commenting underneath saying that they had had some good results using this new strategy for marketing.

As all good entrepreneurs do, I put my hand in my pocket and signed up for a short course to learn more about them and see if I could use them in my own business? (What’s the worst that could happen, right?… I could lose a few bucks?)

What I didn’t anticipate from this simple transaction and from signing up to this short ‘Bot’ Course… is that it would literally CHANGE MY LIFE! 

I started using them and implementing what I had learnt, and IMMEDIATELY I started getting insane results!

I trialled them with all different parts of my Skin Clinic Franchises and with my Coaching business too…

…The results just kept getting better and better as I got my head around them and started to play with more advanced features.

Once I got confident in them, I wanted to help Salon Owners get the same results I did, so I created short 4 week course of my own called

Messenger Marketing for the Hair and Beauty Industry’. 

The course went crazy when I launched it, and since then, Ive been helping Salon Owners create Bots for their own Salons too see huge success!

I had one of my Coaching Clients achieve over $30,000 in ONE HOUR with a single Bot. I had another get over 250 bookings in a day! The list goes on and on and on…

I said the other week that ‘saying no to bots in your business now, is like saying NO to email 20 years ago’, and I stand by that!

They aren’t going anywhere and they are an absolutely vital marketing strategy for any business owner looking to grow their salon.

Stay tuned tomorrow when I unleash Tip #4!

Be awesome.


P.S If you’re thinking about heading to one of the Salon Growth Seminar events, I’m going to send you a Testimonial a day to, to see what others are saying!

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Salon Growth Tip: 2 of 12

As promised yesterday, to celebrate the launch of our Salon Growth Seminar tickets, I’m giving you 12 Days of Salon Growth tips…

Each day, for the next 12 days, I’m going to give you short tips for you to grow your business and keep ahead of the game!

Tip #2 – Know Your Target Client

You know, so often I speak with people who’s version of a target Client, is someone between 30 and 50, female who likes to look after themselves.

Do you know how many people that would cover, but how different those people would be??

My Mum for example, falls into that category…. buuuut so too does my sister!

I can assure you that what would attract my Mum to an ad or a business, is NOT the same as would attract my sister!

My Mum loves family and relaxing and travelling and the golden oldies Music (sorry Mum)…

My sister loves the gym, coffee with other Mums, Kim Kardashian! 

Kim Kardashian GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

They both fall into the ‘TARGET AUDIENCE’, but they don’t respond to the same thing!

That’s why it’s important to know exactly who your target client is and market to that person over and over. Be consistent with your marketing, messaging, imagery, wording etc.

Consistency with your message builds trust and a connection with your Client – As if you know them, and they know you. It just works!

Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Just be amazing at being you, and the people who don’t get it will find somewhere else…

… But the people who get it, will come running and they will stay FOREVER!  

Stay tuned tomorrow for Tip #3!

Be awesome.


P.S If you’re thinking about heading to one of the Salon Growth Seminar events, I’m going to send you a Testimonial a day to, to see what others are saying!

Day #2: Christine Alger – Infinity Wellness Centre

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