On the weekend, we definitely had a change of whether in Queensland!

If you’re a summer person like me, then you know that sinking feeling you get when you know that the end of Summer is just around the corner.

Days start to get shorter, the sun doesn’t have that roasting heat anymore, and then in Queensland anyway, the rains start to come in.

Truth be told, I don’t mind a few rainy days here and there, but I don’t like the cold…. unless Im snowboarding somewhere. Then that’s completely ok!  (hint, hint to anyone who wants to take me snowboarding).

So, because its been raining a lot lately, it kind of forces you to stay inside a bit more and look at doing other things.

Over the weekend, I go a bit creative with some of my work and decided to build a bot that determines a businesses breakeven…

So many people dont know how to calculate this for their business, and so a lot of the time, they are running blind, or kinda guessing what they need to make. 

Anyways, I’ve done the hard work for you, and giving it to you for FREE!

All you need to do is click the big button below and you can find out what the breakeven is for your business…

…and make sure you’re on the right side of it! 

Hope this helps you. Keep being awesome.


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