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Hey everybody. Welcome to Episode 13 of the Billy Rickman Show Podcast. At the moment it’s 8:30pm and if you can hear a little bit of background noise, I’m actually in my car, don’t worry it’s hands free, don’t fret.

But I’m in my car. It’s 8:30 at night. I was going to do a podcast earlier today, but I ran out of time and I think it was a good thing because I’ve just had something happen to me and I just sort of …

…I wanted to share this with you and I want to share the message from what I’ve just realised.

I suppose if I’m going to share this message I need to give you a bit of background into what I am eluding to.

Where I was tonight was actually antenatal classes. So, planning to be a parent again. My wife she’s got about eight weeks left until we have our second baby. I don’t know why, but I think maybe because they think we must be dodgy parents or something, but we’ve been asked to go antenatal classes for the second time.

That’s where I’ve been tonight with my wife. Even though I wonder why we needed to go a second time, I think I’m finding it pretty interesting because I think the first time when they say stuff, first time around you freak out and you’re like, “Oh my God, is it really going to be like that?

Where the second time around I’m like, “Oh yeah, I know exactly what you’re talking about.” I know so when you say that that’s how I’m going to feel, I can remember that is how I felt. For my wife, obviously, she remembers some not so great things about it.

But, anyway, here’s the thing. My son, his name is Jack. I talk about him quite a lot in my blogs and different correspondence and communication on email and what not.

Jack has just turned five. He turned five in January, and he is the absolute world to me. Like all parents, I just couldn’t fault him. I just think he’s perfect. Whenever I think about Jack, I just smile and he just absolutely warms my heart.

It wasn’t until tonight that I remembered what it was that happened with Jack during childbirth. We were talking about it and Ash, my wife, said that, to the instructor who’s this beautiful midwife and she’s so funny and endearing and I actually hope we get her…

…But anyway, Ash said to her that when Jack was being born, he actually had two knots in his umbilical cord. So not one but two, and they were amazed by it.

When we told the story to the midwife, the midwife’s eyes kind of lit up and she was just left with, “Wow, that’s amazing and it’s awesome that he …”

…And she chose her words very carefully.… That he was good. I said, “You’ve chose your words very carefully though.” She goes, “Yeah, I had to.”

Essentially what she was eluding to was that that’s a seriously risky situation. When Jack was born, he did have two knots and Ash was … it was a very long labor.

Towards the end of it, the heart rate of Jack absolutely plummeted and they were doing everything frantically and madly to get Jack out at the end.

When he did come out, it wasn’t the beautiful scenes that you see that they want you to have, which is like skin to skin contact and that first breath and cutting the umbilical cord.

I never experienced any of that because when Jack was born, every time he went to take a breath, his lungs would just deflate. So, straight away they had to do CPR on him and take him down and do a lot of work on him to get him to pull through.

For Ash, it was a pretty terrible experience, and for myself, when the CPR finally … when it worked and they had some light oxygenation around his body, when his lungs started to work a little bit, they told us it was still a very dangerous situation.

For Ash, she was just getting, because it had been pretty horrific for her, she was getting a lot of post birth work done.

They took me down to, I forget what it’s called, I think it’s the NICU or something like that, where they basically look after babies that haven’t done very well during childbirth. Even down there he had four doctors around him trying to do work on him and pull him through.

I just remember standing there like, I just didn’t know, I had a feeling like I was just … Even now I’m telling this story like I can feel something, I’m welling up talking about this because it was so emotional and I haven’t been back there for five years.

I haven’t been back to that place for five years, and it wasn’t until tonight that brought it back home again.

I remember he had all these monitors monitoring his progress and he had … And he still wasn’t doing really well.

This was a couple of hours after and one of the doctors just said … He had all these little holes inside his incubator thing, and he said to me, “Just keep your hand in there and every couple minutes just put your finger into his hands and if he grabs your finger, you know he’s going to be okay.”

I remember for like an hour or two hours there was just nothing. I would put my hand in, I would put my finger in and I’d get him to grab my finger and there’s nothing. He was just not responsive. The doctors, I could hear their conversation and it wasn’t awesome.

I just remember just sitting there so helpless, this little boy who I just met and just wanting him to come through. It was really hard. This is a hard story for me to tell. I remember eventually I did it and he just grabbed my finger and he held on to my finger and yeah, it was awesome. It was really awesome.

The reason I’m telling you this story is because apart from what I was going through and what Ash was going through, and obviously what Jack was going through, I remember at times watching these doctors, watching these midwives and watching these ladies, people who were there, and they were just so unbelievably good at what they did.

They were just so well-drilled and well-trained and they were so confident about what they were doing and everything was just so matter of fact and it was just so, okay do this, you do that, you do that.

It was just like this well-oiled machine that they were just … I just remember looking at them so many times just going…

“These guys are incredible.”

I guess that’s the message I wanted to share out of this. The reason I tell you this story, because I was reminded of it tonight, is because far too often in business we have people who try something for a week and it doesn’t work, they’re not great at it.

They do Facebook Ads for a week and/or they try three campaigns and it didn’t work. Or they try four SMSs and they get three answers from people saying, “Oh, I don’t want to be SMSed.”

Or they do a training program with their staff for two months and it didn’t work. Or they tried to learn how to do better sales or better marketing or better accounting in their business and they try it for a month, two months, three months at most, and they don’t get it and they give up on it.

I just compare that to these doctors that were so well drilled and these midwives, I think of that. These people have been doing this for twelve years of study, right? An unbelievable amount of training and repeating and just constant reinforcement of what they learn and further up-skilling and all of this training just came into play at this time when Jack was going through this.

I just … When I think about it, I just think that people in business just expect that because they try something, they get it straight away.

They expect that if they try something for this short period of time, they don’t get it, it’s like, “Oh, I’m just not good at this.”

You’ve got to compare what you’re trying to learn, maybe not me there, a paediatrician or somebody who’s looking after babies when they’re born and whatever, but you guys got to understand, this process of learning takes time and you’ve got to push through those times where you feel like you can’t do it and you’ve got to educate yourself more. You’ve got to …

If you don’t know … If you tried something, it didn’t work, then learn more. Find different ways but just keep going with it, because you’ve got to see this as training. You’re not going to jump into small business and be perfect at everything in a couple of months.

These things take time to learn. I’ve been doing business now for 12, 13 years, every day I’m still learning something. Every day I still make mistakes where I go, “I shouldn’t have done that. I should do it this way.”

But one thing I can promise you and anyone who knows me, they know that no matter what I will never quit and I never try something for a week or two and go, “I don’t know how to do that, I’m going to give up.”

That force in me to keep trying, to keep going, to keep pushing through and to keep wanting to figure it out until I’ve got it, that’s what makes me good at what I do. That’s what’s served me for 13 years and that’s what allows me now to coach people, that’s what allows me now to help other people in their businesses.

But, at the same time, I’m still helping myself in business because I’m still learning myself.

I guess the messages in this is to remind yourself that if you don’t get something in a week, if you try five Facebook campaigns they don’t work, or you try five Google Ad campaigns and they don’t work, or you try, I’m a big talker at the moment about Messengers Bots, and you’ve tried two Bots and they don’t work, don’t give up.

These things take time. It takes time to learn new skills and it’s through repetition and pushing past that fear of failure and pushing past that fear of being ridiculed or pushing past that fear of feeling stupid.

Pushing past that and just continuously developing that skill will get you to a point, like these doctors, where when shit happens, you’re just ready to go. It becomes automatic. You know what not to do, you know what to do, and it just becomes automatic and you just become like this well-drilled entrepreneur who has practiced this over and over again to get to this point.

If you tried something for a short period of time that hasn’t worked, keep going. Sometimes it may take years to develop that skill that you want. I know in small business when cash flow is tight, you just want that skill. You want to be able to do it straight away. But it doesn’t work like that.

You’ve got to be patient and you just got to keep persisting with it and eventually it will click into place, and if you do it often enough, you will become great at it.

If you do more than that, you’ll become a master at it. That’s what separates those who are average to those who are written about in books and movies and things like these.

So, that’s my message tonight. Bit of a tear-jerker for me. It was a bit of like a trip down memory lane and I’m hoping in eight weeks’ time, fingers crossed, everything is not the same as last time.

But I remind everybody out who’s listening to this podcast to just remind yourself that you won’t get things straight away but just to persist with it and keep trying, and it’s through your failures and through your mistakes that you will learn the most and that’s how you will become the very best that you can be.

I hope that helps you guys. If you liked this message tonight, please share it and subscribe to my podcast, like and always happy to comment. Find me on Facebook at BillyRickmanOfficial or on Instagram @therealb_Rickman.

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