So this year is my son’s first year at big school!

He’s been in Daycare since he was pretty young, so we weren’t too worried about his first day.

Day 1 came and went, and as we thought… nothing to worry about! Phew!ย 

His teacher is awesome, the school is great and we really couldn’t be more happy with how he’s settled in!

It’s now been two weeks and things have been going almost without a hitch…

…I mean yesterday, he had his first meltdown when I dropped him off, but apart from that, he sounds like he’s loving it.

The thing is though, he’s not the only one who’s routine has had to change, right?!

Both, his Mum and I, have had to change our routines too, since the flexible hours of daycare are now a long and distant memory.

The rigid hours of big school means that Jack needs to be dropped off at 8:30am sharp and pickup at 3pm!

Because of the short days now, I have to admit that we have had to enrol him in after school care for a few days a week, but morning time is now….ย ‘Dad Time’!

That’s right, Dad has been delegated with morning drop-offs, and so because of the strict 8:30 start time, I’ve had to change my mornings accordingly.

My new routine comprises of getting up just before 5, take the dog for a walk while I listen to one of my favourite podcasters, get home, coffee and breakfast, 2 hours of work, get Jack ready for school, get myself ready, drop off and then into the office by 9am!

I don’t normally finish at the office until about 7 or 8pm, so Mum is in charge of the night time.

But here’s the thing…

…I’ve been thinking how cool it is to be an Entrepreneur!? How awesome is it that I have the flexibility to change my entire routine without having to ask anybody for permission or having to negotiate anything in my office.

I can just change my entire morning routine to suit my family’s needs and nobody even needs to be consulted. Nobody even really has to know!

This is what I love about being entrepreneur and this is one of the reasons why I am so passionate about helping others to succeed in their own business.

In my humble opinion, the lifestyle that Entrepreneurship gives you and the freedoms it allows you, is worth so much more than anything a paid job as an employee could ever offer me.

Im not sure I could ever go back to working for someone else again…

…but it has nothing to do with the money. It’s all about the freedom and flexibility that being my own boss gives me. It’s all about the choices I have in my life and not having anybody else make those choices for me.

Anyways, I’m loving my new morning routine and I fall more in love with my career every day.

I’m pretty lucky to say that my job doesn’t even feel like work and that honestly, I would do this even if I wasn’t being paid!

I’ve got a full on afternoon, but I hope this helps you to reflect on the awesomeness of being self-employed.

I know it can be tough sometimes, but the freedom it gives you is huge and we should all be grateful for that in our lives!ย 

Keep being awesome,


P.S The possibility of doing some sales and business seminars across Australia and NZ, has really started to gain some momentum…


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