What a weekend!

Not only did I get to celebrate Australia Day and have the long weekend, but I had my in-laws stay with us from Western Australia AND on Sunday…

my Boy ‘Jack’ turned 5!

We had a party at our new place that we just moved into and he had all his friends over for an afternoon/evening of water bombs, trampolining, sausages and sugar!!

Oh, and a Piñata that was harder to penetrate than the Pentagon!

…Boy, was that thing built tough!  

Anyways, it was a seriously busy weekend, but I managed to get through it unscathed.

Probably the most challenging thing was that Ash’s Dad is very much a ‘fixit‘ kinda guy.

If you’ve read my previous blogs or emails, you know that Im not, and if I can pay people to do things around the house, I usually do.

So this weekend, I was doing things I hadn’t done in while and Keith had me flat out helping fix tree swings, sliding doors and fixing/putting together all manner of things.

To be honest, I actually really enjoy doing it when I’ve got the time to. The best thing was putting together Jacka’s new trampoline for him to wake up to on his birthday!

I don’t know who’s enjoying it more though – him or me?! I’m such a big kid at heart!

It was a really nice weekend though and it was good to have a bit more downtime than usual before a big week ahead!

The thing Im most excited for this week is the free webinar im hosting tomorrow (Jan 30).

Ive had close to 140 registrations now and I’m super pumped to deliver the content!

I’ve been working with Messenger Marketing and ChatBots for almost a year now and they are definitely my number 1 go-to when it comes to marketing! 

In the Webinar, I want to show you exactly what Ive learnt over this time, so it can help you to smash out your business goals too!

It’s a FREE webinar, so if you havent registered yet, make sure you click here right NOW to register!

It’s going to be an awesome Webinar, PLUS if you show up LIVE, I’m going to give you a free coaching session valued at $500! 

Anyways, hope you had an awesome weekend too Billy, and hopefully I get to see you on the Webinar!

Billy ‘Your Amateur Tradesman’ Rickman

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