I Built A Trampoline…And Other Things!

What a weekend!

Not only did I get to celebrate Australia Day and have the long weekend, but I had my in-laws stay with us from Western Australia AND on Sunday…

my Boy ‘Jack’ turned 5!

We had a party at our new place that we just moved into and he had all his friends over for an afternoon/evening of water bombs, trampolining, sausages and sugar!!

Oh, and a Piñata that was harder to penetrate than the Pentagon!

…Boy, was that thing built tough!  

Anyways, it was a seriously busy weekend, but I managed to get through it unscathed.

Probably the most challenging thing was that Ash’s Dad is very much a ‘fixit‘ kinda guy.

If you’ve read my previous blogs or emails, you know that Im not, and if I can pay people to do things around the house, I usually do.

So this weekend, I was doing things I hadn’t done in while and Keith had me flat out helping fix tree swings, sliding doors and fixing/putting together all manner of things.

To be honest, I actually really enjoy doing it when I’ve got the time to. The best thing was putting together Jacka’s new trampoline for him to wake up to on his birthday!

I don’t know who’s enjoying it more though – him or me?! I’m such a big kid at heart!

It was a really nice weekend though and it was good to have a bit more downtime than usual before a big week ahead!

The thing Im most excited for this week is the free webinar im hosting tomorrow (Jan 30).

Ive had close to 140 registrations now and I’m super pumped to deliver the content!

I’ve been working with Messenger Marketing and ChatBots for almost a year now and they are definitely my number 1 go-to when it comes to marketing! 

In the Webinar, I want to show you exactly what Ive learnt over this time, so it can help you to smash out your business goals too!

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Anyways, hope you had an awesome weekend too Billy, and hopefully I get to see you on the Webinar!

Billy ‘Your Amateur Tradesman’ Rickman

Why I Encourage Everybody To Be An Entrepreneur!

Wednesday night was date night with Ash and I! It was so good to get out for a bit, just the two of us…. well, us two, plus the bump.

Ash had got tickets a while back to one of our favourite bands – The XX. 

She bought them before she got pregnant, so it wasn’t exactly the circumstances we imagined, but so much fun all the same.

When I was there, I actually uploaded a video to Facebook and one of my Coaching Clients commented ‘what is this work life balance?

It was made in jest, but I have to admit that I really don’t prioritise my downtime enough.

I’m always about my work, and too often, I forget to do the things I enjoy.

You know when you don’t do things for yourself and then when you do, you always say ‘I really should do this more often‘….

…That was me on Wednesday night.

But the thing is, that one of the biggest advantages and reasons for being an entrepreneur is that you have the freedom to be anywhere you want, when you want to be there.

Regardless if you ‘should’ be somewhere else, you have the choice to do anything. It’s a gift and one I shouldn’t take for granted.

I’ve got some big days coming up soon in my personal life, with Jack’s first day of school next week and of course, I’ve got my new baby being born in April!

Being an entrepreneur and business owner, means I can be there for all of these and I don’t need permission from anybody to be there for these milestones.

How good is that! 

No matter what people tell you why they get into business, it’s not the money, it’s not the control, it’s not the fancy things, it’s the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Being an entrepreneur gives you complete freedom and control of your own life, and to me that is the biggest reason of all to do what I do.

It’s easy sometimes to get stressed and overwhelmed being a business owner, and we forget that we also benefit from some massive positives!

There is not a price tag in the world you can put on me being there for Jack’s first day of school, and so for me, I could never go back to working for someone else.

The freedom I have is worth every single sacrifice, sleepless night and stressful day I have. Being in control of my own life and only being responsible to me and my family, is without doubt the best thing about being an entrepreneur…

and I wouldn’t give that up for anything.

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Keep being awesome,


Why I Want You To Ditch The Things That Cost You Time, But Don’t Make You Money!

So this weekend just gone, I got to do something that everybody will be so envious of…

I got to move house! Ugh! Probably my least favourite thing ever!

I mean, don’t get me wrong. The end result is amazing and Im absolutely in love with our new place, but the packing and the moving and unpacking and the putting back together all the furniture; well, let’s just say I can think of better things I’d rather be doing!

Now, I do have to say here publicly, that my wife is an absolute champion! She’s now almost 6 months pregnant and between her and my mother-in-law, they did the lion’s share of the move.

I had such a massive week last week in the office and so I couldn’t contribute as much as I would have liked (or not liked), but in the end it’s all done now and I’m soo grateful for that!

I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s just the entrepreneur in me, but whenever I’m doing low-value tasks, I get really irritable.

I know that when I’m working, I can be making thousands of dollars a day…

…When I’m doing mundane tasks, like moving house or the garden or cleaning or whatever it is though, I feel like there is a massive opportunity cost to that.



I feel like if I was working for the same amount of time, as I was doing these low value tasks, I could be generating tens of thousands of dollars for my family and our future.

So because of this, I make it a rule, that if I can outsource things, I usually do.

Gardening, cleaning, you name it; if there is a person that can do it quicker and better than me, without a massive fee, then I’ll usually get them to do it.

Some people might think that that’s lazy or not satisfying, but when I can invest that same time to make so much money for my family’s future, then it’s a no brainer for me.

So what I always encourage my Inner Circle Coaching Clients to do, is to look at their day and look at the areas that generate the most value. Do more of that.

If there are low value tasks that you do, that you can delegate or outsource, then do that.

Should you pay for for a cleaner at home? Hell yes! 

Think about it, even if a cleaner costs you $100 a week, if you spend 2 hours on your business instead, I’m 1,000% confident that you will generate a lot more than $100, right?

So my message for you is this. Ditch the things that cost you time, but don’t make you money. 

Pay for people to do those things for you and instead, put your time into your business to make 3x, 4x or even 5x the amount that an outsourced person would cost you to do those low-value tasks.

One thing you should definitely put your time into is your personal and business development, so make sure that no matter what, you don’t miss my FREE webinar that I’m hosting!

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Keep being awesome,


[FREE TRAINING] – How To Setup ChatBots In Your Business For Massive Results!

This week I start my Salon Facebook Page Takeovers again and I’m so super pumped! 

Late last year this was a HUGE success, when I took on the pages of 7 Salon Owners, and I can’t wait to do it all over again!

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If you’re not sure how the Salon Takeovers work, I basically takeover the page for a day and create Chatbots for each of the Salon’s Facebook Pages…

…The Chatbots then go to work over the next few days and weeks, completely on their own, to increase the Salon’s Facebook followers, massively build engagement on posts, book new and existing clients in for treatments and make sales! How good is that?!

Because I’ve done this before – and I’ve now been promoting that I’m doing it all again – over the past week or so, I’ve been getting a tonne of messages about how I do it.

So, if you want to learn this, I’ve decided to host a FREE training webinar on this in the next week or so.

I’m going to share my own screen with you, whilst I’m live on the webinar, and I’m going to show you step-by-step, how to create the best bots for your business, so you can get started straight away!

I’m not sure if you can tell (jokes), but I’m pretty passionate and excited about Bots, so I want to really want to share this with you!

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Stay awesome!


Why I Hate It When People Get Their Ducks In A Row!

So as most of you know, I did a few Facebook page takeovers for some Salon Owners late last year.

Even though the event is over now, some of the Salons wanted me to stay on as an admin of their Facebook page, so I could help out every now and then. Which, of course, I’m happy to do!

The other day I saw on one of their pages, that a Client was trying to make a booking on her page. Good news! 

Information went back and forth, but eventually though, it got left with the Client saying ‘Ok, no worries, I’ll get back to you when I have all my ducks in a row.’

I really don’t like that saying. I mean for starters, I know what it means, but I’m not entirely sure where it comes from?

The main reason I dislike it though is because it’s nothing more than a delay tactic, and in business it’s as good as an ‘I’ll think about it’.

Even worse than a customer saying it, is when a business owner says it.

The thing about a lot of business owners, is that they’re too scared to make decisions!

Everything has to be perfect before they execute and make it happen… all their ducks need to be in a row.

The massive problem with this though is that, if you wait long enough, the opportunity will pass you by.

I hear it all the time when I speak to Salon and business owners, that they’re just not ready yet. They wait and wait and wait….

…and then wait some more, and then finally they go to execute, but it doesn’t work.

The reason it doesn’t work is that the timing is now off. They’ve missed the opportunity. 

In business, it’s important to not overthink things and don’t wait until the time is perfect. The time will never be perfect, you’ve just got to commit and make it happen.

Richard Branson famously said that ‘An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down‘, and I couldn’t agree more.

So today, take stock of the things in your business that you’re holding off on pulling the trigger on.

What are the things that you are waiting until the ‘right time’?

Whatever they are, whatever you’re procrastinating on, whatever you have been putting off until ‘all your ducks are in a row‘, pull the trigger today!

Jump off the cliff and then build the plane on the way down. Sure you may fail sometimes, but your successes will be far more frequent when you commit to taking action over delay.

Stay awesome.

Billy ‘your co-pilot’ Rickman.

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Get Momentum…Or Lose!

Is anyone else already feeling like the holiday break never really happened?

Im back into it full swing, but to be honest, I’m not complaining at all.

As most of you know, I’m normally pretty much super excited anyways, about almost all things, but I am genuinely really pumped for this year!

At the moment, Im feeling like the past 12 years of long hours, massive investments in my personal and business development, huge sacrifices, sleepless nights, exhausting and stressful weeks or months; have all served me to get to this point, and 2018 is going to be a big year for me!

I know it sounds cliche at the start of the year to do the whole ‘this is my year‘ thing, but I just have that feeling, you know?

I don’t want to rub it in at all…buuut, this holiday period for me was really great. I drank, swam in the ocean, went fishing, had amazing family time, got spoilt with gifts, but amongst all of this, I didn’t quite stop at all…

…and I think it’s really paid off.

Every day I was at least emailing or blogging. Making coaching calls or doing some online course (Im sure you can tell by now that Im pretty addicted to learning).

I kept my momentum going that I had late last year and January is already panning out to be a pretty incredible month.

I actually believe that business is all about momentum and that’s why it’s so hard for me to stop sometimes.

I remember even when I used to play football (soccer), when we were killing the opposition and everything was gelling so nicely, then the referee would blow the whistle for half time.

That small 10 minute break was enough to completely stop our momentum and then we would come out into the second half feeling lethargic and have to start all over again to try to build that momentum.

It also gave the opposition the opportunity to reset, regroup and then build their own momentum to stop us!

That’s how I see the Christmas break for most people, and whilst this is definitely a time to recharge, spend time with loved one and refocus on other areas of your life, I’m not to sure it serves Entrepreneurs well to just switch off from their business completely.

Most Salon owners especially, have some serious momentum in December, and then when December 25th hits, it’s like the referee blowing up for half time and stopping you in your tracks!

You come back to the Salon in January and you may feel recharged, but it takes you a while to rebuild that momentum again that you had in December.

I guess the point of this blog is to encourage you to do whatever it takes right now to get your momentum back, if you have lost it.

Work a few longer days in January. Turn off the TV and read even more books than you would normally. Watch more inspirational and motivational videos. Completely immerse yourself in your business through January to quickly find your momentum again.

It’s like you’re coming out into the second half now after your break, and it’s between you and your competition. Whoever gets their momentum first in 2018, wins.

Anyways, I hope this helps! Keep being awesome as always.


P.S If you want a hand getting serious momentum on your business and your life, then don’t forget to apply for my Inner Circle Coaching. I’ll work 1 on 1 with you each step of the way to get you serious results and to make sure you’re right along side me creating a massive 2018!

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The Top 7 Must Haves and Trends For Salon Owners in 2018!


An unknown Author once said ‘Resisting change is like holding your breath – you may succeed, but eventually you will die.’

With change in mind, I’ve created what I believe will be the biggest must have’s and trends for Salon Owners if you want to win big in 2018!

1. Smaller Service Menus – Over the past 2 years we have seen this trend begin to become more popular. In 2018, we are going to see this continue, with more and more salons slashing the amount of services they offer. The number of Salons and Spas that offer huge service menus, will begin to shrink as Salon Owners look to increase profit.

The larger the service menu, the more stock you need to carry, the more training you need to do and the more it costs the business. Most importantly, instead of being exceptional at three or four things, salons with large menu’s become average at many. Shrinking the service menu in 2018 will allow Salon Owners to reign in their costs, train more efficiently and have a better reputation for the services they offer.

2. Full Time Staff – With the award wage continuing to climb, particularly in Australia, Salon Owners will become far more savvy in 2018 with respect to employment costs.It used to be that Salon Owners would employ casuals so they could send them home when it’s not busy or so they could be be flexible with their hours. These days however, the benefits to employ casuals are becoming fewer, and in 2018, more Salon Owners will take the leap to reduce their staffing group and offer the smaller group, Permanent Part Time or Full Time contracts.Permanent contracts will see happier, more secure Team Members, increased customer satisfaction through consistent staff presence, less cost and time with training, stronger Teamwork, easier and less time consuming rostering and payroll.


3. Salon Memberships – In late 2017, Salon Memberships really started to take centre stage. The reason for this, is that the benefits of having a strong Salon Membership program are incredibly long. Apart from the obvious benefits of consistent revenue and more overall clients each month, there are also many others like; better cashflow forecasting, better budget control, more efficient rostering, increased client loyalty and more efficient stock ordering.



The danger of Salon Memberships however, is that it’s a fine line between creating a very successful membership program and creating a flop. In order for it to be successful, you need to have a specific set of ingredients and you need to mix those ingredients a certain way.After creating the largest and most successful Salon Membership program in Australia and NZ, I created a FREE webinar on exactly what those ingredients are and how to mix them, to help Salon Owners succeed. You can watch the free webinar by clicking here.


4. More Pampering – Since 2013, there has been a sharp decline in the more indulgent aspects of Salon treatments. As larger Franchise Groups have grown over the past few years, these groups have dictated to the market, that Clients should only have either pampering or results.In 2018 however, the pendulum will begin to shift back, as Clients seek out, not the either-or option, but a combination of the two. Results-driven treatments, combined with the touches of indulgence and relaxation, will be the big thing for 2018.


5. Independent Product Lines – Large skincare companies will lose some ground in 2018 as more Salon Owners will seek to produce their own individual lines. The logistical challenges Salon Owners have had in the past to create their own lines, are now becoming fewer, and more savvy owners will look to cash in on the 300% to 400% markup on their own lines, rather than the standard 100% that big skincare brands offer.There are so many manufacturers offering skincare production these days, that it’s quite easy for any Salon owner to produce, package and retail their own lines. The only downside will be the time it will take to get going and the transition of clients, however once up and running, the financial and long term benefits of a Salon willing to take the time, are massive!



6. Chat Bots – The Professional Services industry use email. Big retail groups spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on SEO, Google Ads and Facebook Ads. In the past, small businesses have struggled to compete, but in 2018 though, smaller independent Salon Owners are going to take advantage of a powerful tool that will allow them to compete with massive players in the industry at almost no cost.

2018, will be the rise of the Chat Bots. 

Chat Bots are relatively free, they take hardly any time to setup and their capacity to make sales and bookings 24/7, to both exisiting and new clients, is unlike anything we have seen before. In 2018, the Salon Owners that will dominate, will be those who are using ChatBots as their major marketing strategy. If you want to learn more about Chat Bots and set them up for your salon, I have created a short 4 module online course for only $97, that will teach any Salon Owner, step-by-step exactly what to do. You can get immediate access to this by clicking here. 


7. Drop Shipping – Much like with ChatBots for marketing, drop shipping in 2018 will be the huge new opportunity that smaller salons will be taking full advantage of! One of the consistent and biggest challenges for small salons, is the ability to keep stock at sufficient levels to keep clients happy and not lose sales.Up until now, inconsistent and low sales in the past, have seen Salon stock levels suffer. With drop shipping options however, now becoming available with skincare suppliers, savvy Salon Owners in 2018, will look to cash in on this.

If you’re unsure what drop shipping is, it’s basically the process where you can create an online store, but not have stock any of the products. Your client can order online, pay you in full and then have the order sent straight from the distributor, rather than you having to keep the stock on hand. It keeps your ordering and holding costs down, whilst making sure you never miss a sale!


2018 is set to be a massive year for a lot of Salon Owners, so if you want to be one of them, look at making sure you have all 7 of these in your Salon!


If you want help with successfully implementing any or all of these, then hit me up to join my brand new Inner Circle Coaching. We are only opening this up to 50 Salon Owners and it’s filling up fast.


It’s unlike any other coaching and mentoring group around, so if you want to join, you can apply today by clicking here.


I hope you have a huge 2018 and I wish you nothing but fun, fortune and success!


Keep being awesome.




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