This morning I had a call with someone Ive never met or spoken to before.

You see, even though I am a Coach to many Salon Owners, and even though I run my own Inner Circle group to mentor Salon Owners, I still get mentored myself as part of a Mastermind Group.

A member of this group reached out to me the other day and asked if I wanted to have a chat on the phone about business and life in general.

This guy was buzzing with energy, very positive, incredibly enthusiastic and actually, a lot like me.

It made me feel really good to talk to someone with similar goals ambitions and drive.

I seem to very quickly and easily forget though, how valuable these types of conversations are, as I have to admit to not networking enough.

Sometimes as a business owner we think that we’re the only ones who are going through the stress of long hours, financial demands, customer satisfaction, dealing with staff etc.

A lot of the time, we also think we’re all alone with our dreams and goals.

Because a normal person doesn’t think as big as us, we fall into the habit of thinking we must somehow not be normal and we feel isolated in the way we think.

Having conversations with other big thinking entrepreneurs though on a regular basis, can remind us that we are not alone, and that there are literally millions of other people in the world who are likeminded and who’s energy is vibrating at a higher frequency than normal society.

This morning was an uplifting call and has put me in a good frame of mind now for the rest of today, to be productive and determined.

During the call, we also spoke about the experience we’ve gained from our mistakes, and how similar these lessons were.

Experience should never be taken for granted, and in my opinion, it’s even more valuable than ability.

It actually reminded me of one of my favourite parables of all time!

This is pretty loosely told, but you’ll get the idea…


It’s the early 1930’s and a woman walks into a coffee shop in Paris. She sees Pablo Picasso sitting there having a coffee.

Awe struck, she walks over and says “Oh my God you’re Pablo Picasso. Can you please draw me something on this napkin?”

Picasso obliges and sketches something quickly for the woman.

He hands it to the woman and says ‘that wiil be 20,000 Francs.”

“20,000 Francs! It only took you a minute” the lady shouted.

“No my dear, it took me a lifetime.” – Picasso.

The lesson in this parable is to never undervalue your worth. Remember that your Clients are not paying just for a service, they are paying for a lifetime of your learning and knowledge and dedication.

Anyways, Im off now to keep being productive!

Have an awesome Friday!


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