What a past 48 hours it has been!

So on Tuesday night, I was sitting on the couch at home, just got in from a late night at the office, when I get an idea…

‘I know! How fun would it be to takeover a few Facebook pages for a day and install a bot on there to give them engagement and show people how cool they are!’

See, I’m one of those people who does things before I properly think them through, so I quickly type out the post, press enter and it posts into my Facebook Group #SalonBoss.

Now to be honest, I thought I would have had heaps of responses straight away, but actually, it took about 5 minutes or so and then BAM…they all came rolling in!

I could only really do it for 5 people due to time, but within an hour, I think there were about 30 requests. I decided to cap it at 7 and confirmed that I would get to work on them in the morning.

The next day, I reached out to the 7 Salon Owners and spent the morning getting access to their accounts so I could do my thang!

It took me about 3 hours to set everything up, including designing the posts for all the salons, creating the bots and the sequences, and then setting up the Facebook ads to go with them.

As I anticipated, the engagement was instant and the posts blew up with comments and shares. 

One Salon had 62 shares and 128 comments within the first 3 hours, without any advertising or promoting at that stage, at all!

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 8.06.08 pm

This continued all day and after 24 hours, all 7 salons were getting some pretty incredible results.

As of right now, it’s 48 hours in and the great results continue.

Tomorrow the bot will send out another message to the people who have commented, and then in 4 days from now, it will send another message to make some bookings for these salons!! 

I’m really excited to see the results from this project after 10 days or so, when the bot has really worked it’s magic.

I have to say that, the 7 salon owners, that were basically selected because they were the first to say yes, have been unbelievable to work with.

They’ve let me do my thing and have been so warm and grateful in their messages to me.

As I said to them though, truth be told, this has been a really positive experience for me and I have had such a good time doing it.

It’s been uplifting to work with such empowered and motivated business women and it makes me feel good to help where I can.

So anyways, based on the success of this project, today I actually created a competition on my Facebook page to offer this to another 3 salon owners and have me do this for them.

If you are interested in entering the draw, simply click here now and follow the instructions. It’s so easy to win and you too could get the amazing results these salon owners have had!

Have an awesome night and if you want to keep up with the progress of how things are going, then don’t forget to join the group #SalonBoss on Facebook.

Keep being amazing.



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