So, I had a pretty embarrassing thing happen to me!

I’m not sure if I should go back and say something or just leave it and perhaps they didn’t realise?

Ok, so before I tell you what happened, perhaps some context is required.

As most of you know by now, I have a 4 (soon to be 5) year old son called Jack.

Jack is now at an age, where let’s just say, flatulence or ‘pop-offs’ as he calls them, are a great source of entertainment and focus.

A few weeks ago, him and I were chilling in the car listening to music and he asked me if I had any pop-off songs on my phone.

I was sure that iTunes would have something, and since his Mum wasn’t in the car to tell us to stop being rude boys, I thought well why not? Give the boy some laughs.

As anticipated, iTunes did not let me down and sure enough, a couple of minutes later, Jack is in hysterics in the backseat  listening to a wide variety of sounds from the bum!

Ever since then, it’s become a bit of a thing. Every time we get in the car, Jack whispers to me ‘Daddy, put on the pop off songs.

He particularly makes a point of requesting this when other people are in the car, and even more specifically, when new people are in the car.

Anyways, this has been a fun game for a couple of weeks now, however the other day I decided to take my car for a wash.

Just down the road, there is this brand new car wash place and it also has a coffee shop where you can wait inside, and a drive through for the coffee shop too.

Im pretty much a regular there, but mainly for the breakfast and coffee, and seldom for the car wash.

Anyways, this particular morning, I booked in for the works and had the premium wash for both the outside and in.

This takes about 45 minutes, so in I went to get my coffee and breakfast, whilst doing some emailing on my laptop.

45 minutes later and I get a notification to say my car is done.

I pack up my stuff and the guy is standing just outside the door with my keys and the car door open. The car was immaculate.

Being courteous and returning the friendly gestures, I grabbed my keys off him, said thank you and sat in my car.

He closed the door and I admired the work that him and his team had done.

It wasnt until about 20 seconds later when I noticed what was blasting out of the car speakers – POP OFFS! 

It must have auto-defaulted back to the last thing played! I can only imagine their faces when they would have turned the car on and had their ears violated by an an orchestra of flatulence!

I swear they must think it was my choice and that that I just cruise around in my car all day listening to the best of pant vibrations 2017.


Anyways, I was unable to say anything, as it was too late, and I guess it’s not the sort of thing you go back and explain – it will only make me look more guilty.

Suffice to say though, they would have had a good old laugh at my expense and every time I go in there now, they will probably look at me like I’m some weird perv.

Ahhh damn… I really love their Acai Bowls! 

The lesson here is to never let your 4 year old son determine the music, no matter how funny you think it is at the time.

Anyways, I’ll head there tomorrow morning and hopefully I wont get any weird looks.

They’ve only been open a short time and they really do an amazing job. Great customer service, great food and coffee, and a really great energy about the place.

I’m a massive believer that the energy of a business is such a tell in regards to it’s current success. This business is no exception.

My Coaching Clients get sick of me reminding them about their energy and just how much it impacts every single part of their business!

Especially at this time of year, with it being so frantically busy, it is easy to justify being tired and exhausted. It’s easy to justify not being 100% on your game all the time.

You have to consciously remind yourself to keep bringing your A-Game – No matter how tired you are.

Remember, that this time of year, your salon will have more clients than any other time of year.

If you want the bulk of your exisiting Clients to return in 2018, or if you want to impress those new clients that don’t normally shop with you, then don’t let your guard down in December.

Make an extra conscious effort during this time of year to give more than expected. Treat every single Client like they are the only Client you have and make every appointment special – no matter how busy or tired you are. You will thank me for in it January and throughout 2018.


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Anyways, I’m off for the day. Before I start my journey home though, I’ll be sure to take note of the song choice that’s playing!

Hope your Monday has been awesome!

Chat soon.


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