So last night, I went to watch a speaker at the Gold Coast Convention Centre.

Not just any speaker, but a guy who some of you may know, and others may not, but goes by the name ‘Milo Yiannopoulos’.

Whether you have or haven’t heard of him, just to give some context, Milo is very controversial and is often accused of some pretty offensive things by the media.

Truth be told, I was even a little nervous sharing this with you today, as often people’s opinions are formed by little tidbits of information they hear from the media instead of learning about things first hand.

With that being said, I do realise that because of what you may have heard, some of you are going to read this and be instantly put off, but I think it’s important to share this with you and the lesson in business I want to convey from it.

I really think it’s an important lesson to learn for business and for your own personal development.

You see, Milo is so hated, he is called the internet super-villain and in the US, he is often shut down by those who oppose his views.

He is so controversial that the event’s location last night only got released to ticket holders an hour before the doors opened.

What I find interesting and curious though, is that even though Milo’s Australian tour was organised very last minute and was quite rushed in terms of major event planning, the entire tour sold out.

In fact they had to add on extra shows in a lot of cities due to the overwhelming demand for tickets.

So why is that?

Why is it that someone who is promoted by the media as being so hateful and offensive, draws some of the biggest crowds you would find anywhere for a speaker?


Why is it that people want to go and watch this and pay money for it, despite what the media or people on Facebook say?

Now here comes the lesson.

The reason is, that normally in business, those who are the most successful, are able to create raving fans, not by what they do, but by what they believe in.

If you’re content to have an audience that just thinks you’re good, then sure, always be neutral. Never share an opinion on anything and always agree with the superficial consensus.

If you want clients that love you though, you’re going to have to at some point share your opinions on some things and be passionate about your beliefs.

Now Im not saying to open up all about your personal life and what you get up to with your friends on a big weekend, but what I’m saying is that you need to be interesting.

Put it this way. If you were going on a date with someone, would you rather be with someone who was passionate and interesting about things they believe in, or someone who just agreed with everything you said?

Chances are that you will probably get bored of the neutral and the head nodder pretty quickly and you will crave someone who challenges you and gives you interesting things to think about.

This too is what your Clients want, and in a world full of politically correct, boring, neutrality; your Clients will seek and attach on to something that’s different. A business that has strong beliefs and passionately upholds those beliefs.

If your point of difference is that your cheap or that you provide ‘amazing customer service’, then you will never have raving fans that will love and adore your business.

You need strong beliefs, a genuine point of difference and something that your clients can say ‘You know what? These guys get me.’

This is why Milo sold out his Australian tour, despite the attempted smear campaign that the media tried to push.

It shows that above all else, no matter what people say and no matter what other’s opinions are, no matter how loud they shout and carry on, if you have strong beliefs and your audience feels that you get them and they get you, then you will have clients for life who will always be willing to spend money in your business.

A quick second lesson from this, is that you should never be afraid to listen to people with differing opinions to your own…regardless of whether you agree with them or not.

You can learn just as much from those you don’t agree with as those you do. Keep your mind open and always be willing to learn from others.

Now like I said, I was nervous in posting this, but I guess if I didn’t post blogs like this that are a little controversial, then I would be a hypocrite with regards to the lesson I’m sharing in this blog.

I choose to keep my mind open. I choose to listen to others, whether I agree or not. I choose to engage in interesting and sometimes controversial things. I believe that this is what will allow me to continue my own personal development and personal growth.

Will I risk losing a few potential clients from this blog? Perhaps. But in the long run, I am better off being honest and transparent about who I am and attracting people who are like me. People who I get and they get me.

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Have an awesome weekend.


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