Man, what a couple of days it’s been! I want someone to challenge me on this and reply to this email or comment on this blog, if your December is more hectic than mine…

…So Ive got my Nanna’s birthday on the 4th of December, my Dad’son the 5th, Mum’s on the 7th, my Wife’s on the 8th, Brother’s on the 13th,-Step-Dad on the 19th and then Christmas!

My AMEX is pretty much melted in December! 

The good thing is though, that this year Ash, Jack and I are heading over to WA for a bit to see her family, which kind of forces me to have some downtime.

Even though 5 of my Clinics are over in the West, I think Ash will have me busy with family commitments, so I’ll be able to take a few days off – which is much needed right now.

I’ve got so much to do though before I go on holidays and I’m madly now looking at Jan 2018 and making sure I’ve got everything sorted for the start of the new year.

For far too many salon owners and entrepreneurs I speak to, the run in to 2018 is left too late. They start to think about their 2018 plans…in 2018!

A female road runner runs down a road at dusk at Independence Pass.

I was thinking about this tonight, so I think I’m going to do a video about it in the next few days.

Part of any plan for a Salon Owner is how to make sure you don’t start the year with a quiet month.

We all hear it over and over about how quiet January and February is, but I say stuff that!

Beat the trend and make sure your year gets off to a flyer. Plan for it and make it happen.

I made a Salon Hack video today about how to double or triple your database in only 3 days, as this is essential for a strong performance in traditionally quiet months.

If your salon is quiet at any time of the year, it’s because your database isn’t big enough.

Because it’s not big enough, you can’t get big enough results from your marketing.

Make your database MASSIVE and your booking numbers will follow!

Check out the video I made today on my Facebook page by clicking here.

Keep being awesome!


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