What Does a Story About Picasso Have To Do With You?

This morning I had a call with someone Ive never met or spoken to before.

You see, even though I am a Coach to many Salon Owners, and even though I run my own Inner Circle group to mentor Salon Owners, I still get mentored myself as part of a Mastermind Group.

A member of this group reached out to me the other day and asked if I wanted to have a chat on the phone about business and life in general.

This guy was buzzing with energy, very positive, incredibly enthusiastic and actually, a lot like me.

It made me feel really good to talk to someone with similar goals ambitions and drive.

I seem to very quickly and easily forget though, how valuable these types of conversations are, as I have to admit to not networking enough.

Sometimes as a business owner we think that we’re the only ones who are going through the stress of long hours, financial demands, customer satisfaction, dealing with staff etc.

A lot of the time, we also think we’re all alone with our dreams and goals.

Because a normal person doesn’t think as big as us, we fall into the habit of thinking we must somehow not be normal and we feel isolated in the way we think.

Having conversations with other big thinking entrepreneurs though on a regular basis, can remind us that we are not alone, and that there are literally millions of other people in the world who are likeminded and who’s energy is vibrating at a higher frequency than normal society.

This morning was an uplifting call and has put me in a good frame of mind now for the rest of today, to be productive and determined.

During the call, we also spoke about the experience we’ve gained from our mistakes, and how similar these lessons were.

Experience should never be taken for granted, and in my opinion, it’s even more valuable than ability.

It actually reminded me of one of my favourite parables of all time!

This is pretty loosely told, but you’ll get the idea…


It’s the early 1930’s and a woman walks into a coffee shop in Paris. She sees Pablo Picasso sitting there having a coffee.

Awe struck, she walks over and says “Oh my God you’re Pablo Picasso. Can you please draw me something on this napkin?”

Picasso obliges and sketches something quickly for the woman.

He hands it to the woman and says ‘that wiil be 20,000 Francs.”

“20,000 Francs! It only took you a minute” the lady shouted.

“No my dear, it took me a lifetime.” – Picasso.

The lesson in this parable is to never undervalue your worth. Remember that your Clients are not paying just for a service, they are paying for a lifetime of your learning and knowledge and dedication.

Anyways, Im off now to keep being productive!

Have an awesome Friday!


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What Happens When You Takeover 7 Salon Facebook Pages?

What a past 48 hours it has been!

So on Tuesday night, I was sitting on the couch at home, just got in from a late night at the office, when I get an idea…

‘I know! How fun would it be to takeover a few Facebook pages for a day and install a bot on there to give them engagement and show people how cool they are!’

See, I’m one of those people who does things before I properly think them through, so I quickly type out the post, press enter and it posts into my Facebook Group #SalonBoss.

Now to be honest, I thought I would have had heaps of responses straight away, but actually, it took about 5 minutes or so and then BAM…they all came rolling in!

I could only really do it for 5 people due to time, but within an hour, I think there were about 30 requests. I decided to cap it at 7 and confirmed that I would get to work on them in the morning.

The next day, I reached out to the 7 Salon Owners and spent the morning getting access to their accounts so I could do my thang!

It took me about 3 hours to set everything up, including designing the posts for all the salons, creating the bots and the sequences, and then setting up the Facebook ads to go with them.

As I anticipated, the engagement was instant and the posts blew up with comments and shares. 

One Salon had 62 shares and 128 comments within the first 3 hours, without any advertising or promoting at that stage, at all!

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 8.06.08 pm

This continued all day and after 24 hours, all 7 salons were getting some pretty incredible results.

As of right now, it’s 48 hours in and the great results continue.

Tomorrow the bot will send out another message to the people who have commented, and then in 4 days from now, it will send another message to make some bookings for these salons!! 

I’m really excited to see the results from this project after 10 days or so, when the bot has really worked it’s magic.

I have to say that, the 7 salon owners, that were basically selected because they were the first to say yes, have been unbelievable to work with.

They’ve let me do my thing and have been so warm and grateful in their messages to me.

As I said to them though, truth be told, this has been a really positive experience for me and I have had such a good time doing it.

It’s been uplifting to work with such empowered and motivated business women and it makes me feel good to help where I can.

So anyways, based on the success of this project, today I actually created a competition on my Facebook page to offer this to another 3 salon owners and have me do this for them.

If you are interested in entering the draw, simply click here now and follow the instructions. It’s so easy to win and you too could get the amazing results these salon owners have had!

Have an awesome night and if you want to keep up with the progress of how things are going, then don’t forget to join the group #SalonBoss on Facebook.

Keep being amazing.



A Tale Of Flatulence… No Really!

So, I had a pretty embarrassing thing happen to me!

I’m not sure if I should go back and say something or just leave it and perhaps they didn’t realise?

Ok, so before I tell you what happened, perhaps some context is required.

As most of you know by now, I have a 4 (soon to be 5) year old son called Jack.

Jack is now at an age, where let’s just say, flatulence or ‘pop-offs’ as he calls them, are a great source of entertainment and focus.

A few weeks ago, him and I were chilling in the car listening to music and he asked me if I had any pop-off songs on my phone.

I was sure that iTunes would have something, and since his Mum wasn’t in the car to tell us to stop being rude boys, I thought well why not? Give the boy some laughs.

As anticipated, iTunes did not let me down and sure enough, a couple of minutes later, Jack is in hysterics in the backseat  listening to a wide variety of sounds from the bum!

Ever since then, it’s become a bit of a thing. Every time we get in the car, Jack whispers to me ‘Daddy, put on the pop off songs.

He particularly makes a point of requesting this when other people are in the car, and even more specifically, when new people are in the car.

Anyways, this has been a fun game for a couple of weeks now, however the other day I decided to take my car for a wash.

Just down the road, there is this brand new car wash place and it also has a coffee shop where you can wait inside, and a drive through for the coffee shop too.

Im pretty much a regular there, but mainly for the breakfast and coffee, and seldom for the car wash.

Anyways, this particular morning, I booked in for the works and had the premium wash for both the outside and in.

This takes about 45 minutes, so in I went to get my coffee and breakfast, whilst doing some emailing on my laptop.

45 minutes later and I get a notification to say my car is done.

I pack up my stuff and the guy is standing just outside the door with my keys and the car door open. The car was immaculate.

Being courteous and returning the friendly gestures, I grabbed my keys off him, said thank you and sat in my car.

He closed the door and I admired the work that him and his team had done.

It wasnt until about 20 seconds later when I noticed what was blasting out of the car speakers – POP OFFS! 

It must have auto-defaulted back to the last thing played! I can only imagine their faces when they would have turned the car on and had their ears violated by an an orchestra of flatulence!

I swear they must think it was my choice and that that I just cruise around in my car all day listening to the best of pant vibrations 2017.


Anyways, I was unable to say anything, as it was too late, and I guess it’s not the sort of thing you go back and explain – it will only make me look more guilty.

Suffice to say though, they would have had a good old laugh at my expense and every time I go in there now, they will probably look at me like I’m some weird perv.

Ahhh damn… I really love their Acai Bowls! 

The lesson here is to never let your 4 year old son determine the music, no matter how funny you think it is at the time.

Anyways, I’ll head there tomorrow morning and hopefully I wont get any weird looks.

They’ve only been open a short time and they really do an amazing job. Great customer service, great food and coffee, and a really great energy about the place.

I’m a massive believer that the energy of a business is such a tell in regards to it’s current success. This business is no exception.

My Coaching Clients get sick of me reminding them about their energy and just how much it impacts every single part of their business!

Especially at this time of year, with it being so frantically busy, it is easy to justify being tired and exhausted. It’s easy to justify not being 100% on your game all the time.

You have to consciously remind yourself to keep bringing your A-Game – No matter how tired you are.

Remember, that this time of year, your salon will have more clients than any other time of year.

If you want the bulk of your exisiting Clients to return in 2018, or if you want to impress those new clients that don’t normally shop with you, then don’t let your guard down in December.

Make an extra conscious effort during this time of year to give more than expected. Treat every single Client like they are the only Client you have and make every appointment special – no matter how busy or tired you are. You will thank me for in it January and throughout 2018.


Don’t forget to come join me in 2018 as part of my Inner Circle. My Inner Circle is only limited to 50 Salons and we are signing up new Salons each day.

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The value we’re offering right now is insane and if you are genuinely serious about making 2018 your year, then be sure to commit and apply today!

Anyways, I’m off for the day. Before I start my journey home though, I’ll be sure to take note of the song choice that’s playing!

Hope your Monday has been awesome!

Chat soon.


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I Have Something Controversial To Share With You…

So last night, I went to watch a speaker at the Gold Coast Convention Centre.

Not just any speaker, but a guy who some of you may know, and others may not, but goes by the name ‘Milo Yiannopoulos’.

Whether you have or haven’t heard of him, just to give some context, Milo is very controversial and is often accused of some pretty offensive things by the media.

Truth be told, I was even a little nervous sharing this with you today, as often people’s opinions are formed by little tidbits of information they hear from the media instead of learning about things first hand.

With that being said, I do realise that because of what you may have heard, some of you are going to read this and be instantly put off, but I think it’s important to share this with you and the lesson in business I want to convey from it.

I really think it’s an important lesson to learn for business and for your own personal development.

You see, Milo is so hated, he is called the internet super-villain and in the US, he is often shut down by those who oppose his views.

He is so controversial that the event’s location last night only got released to ticket holders an hour before the doors opened.

What I find interesting and curious though, is that even though Milo’s Australian tour was organised very last minute and was quite rushed in terms of major event planning, the entire tour sold out.

In fact they had to add on extra shows in a lot of cities due to the overwhelming demand for tickets.

So why is that?

Why is it that someone who is promoted by the media as being so hateful and offensive, draws some of the biggest crowds you would find anywhere for a speaker?


Why is it that people want to go and watch this and pay money for it, despite what the media or people on Facebook say?

Now here comes the lesson.

The reason is, that normally in business, those who are the most successful, are able to create raving fans, not by what they do, but by what they believe in.

If you’re content to have an audience that just thinks you’re good, then sure, always be neutral. Never share an opinion on anything and always agree with the superficial consensus.

If you want clients that love you though, you’re going to have to at some point share your opinions on some things and be passionate about your beliefs.

Now Im not saying to open up all about your personal life and what you get up to with your friends on a big weekend, but what I’m saying is that you need to be interesting.

Put it this way. If you were going on a date with someone, would you rather be with someone who was passionate and interesting about things they believe in, or someone who just agreed with everything you said?

Chances are that you will probably get bored of the neutral and the head nodder pretty quickly and you will crave someone who challenges you and gives you interesting things to think about.

This too is what your Clients want, and in a world full of politically correct, boring, neutrality; your Clients will seek and attach on to something that’s different. A business that has strong beliefs and passionately upholds those beliefs.

If your point of difference is that your cheap or that you provide ‘amazing customer service’, then you will never have raving fans that will love and adore your business.

You need strong beliefs, a genuine point of difference and something that your clients can say ‘You know what? These guys get me.’

This is why Milo sold out his Australian tour, despite the attempted smear campaign that the media tried to push.

It shows that above all else, no matter what people say and no matter what other’s opinions are, no matter how loud they shout and carry on, if you have strong beliefs and your audience feels that you get them and they get you, then you will have clients for life who will always be willing to spend money in your business.

A quick second lesson from this, is that you should never be afraid to listen to people with differing opinions to your own…regardless of whether you agree with them or not.

You can learn just as much from those you don’t agree with as those you do. Keep your mind open and always be willing to learn from others.

Now like I said, I was nervous in posting this, but I guess if I didn’t post blogs like this that are a little controversial, then I would be a hypocrite with regards to the lesson I’m sharing in this blog.

I choose to keep my mind open. I choose to listen to others, whether I agree or not. I choose to engage in interesting and sometimes controversial things. I believe that this is what will allow me to continue my own personal development and personal growth.

Will I risk losing a few potential clients from this blog? Perhaps. But in the long run, I am better off being honest and transparent about who I am and attracting people who are like me. People who I get and they get me.

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Have an awesome weekend.


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So Far, So Good For December – How About You?

I’ve got to be careful what I write in this email, as my wife reads them.

Oh behave, you can stop gasping now. I don’t mean because I’m going to say anything bad

…I just mean because I’ve got a big weekend of birthday’s this weekend, and hers is one of them!

If you follow my emails each day, then you’ll know that my December is frantic with birthdays and Christmas, and this weekend is the start of the silly season for me.

My beautiful wife says goodbye to her twenties and turns the big three zero tomorrow and my wonderful Mum turns 60 years young. I had to make sure not to use the word old there!

Tomorrow night we will be celebrating by taking a cruise down the Brisbane River and staying the night in Brisbane afterwards.

Given that Ash is now 5 months pregnant, I doubt there is a wild night planned, but one thing I do always enjoy, is staying in a hotel for the night.

There’s nothing nicer than fresh sheets right!?

If you’re in the service industry though, you’ll know what I mean when I say that, although it’s the beginning of the silly season, I just cant bring myself to be silly until a lot later in the month.

December is such a massive month for us, that usually, instead of finally getting to wind down for a bit, my December is filled with super early mornings, late nights and a lot to do in between.


In a video I posted on my Facebook page recently, I went through how to make sure you achieve your December targets. The the golden rule I mentioned was that ‘whatever your annual rent is for the year‘ – that’s what you should make as a minimum in December.

Looking at whatever your sales end up at by the end of December, will actually give you a good guide whether you’re overpaying in rent, are sitting about right, or if you’ve got an awesome deal….

…ssshhh don’t tell the Landlord!

So far our December has got off to a good start and I’m confident this will be a really great month of trade to end the year.

We have just launched ZipPay in our Clinics too and already that is proving to be a really positive addition for our Franchisees.

With so much going on, I’m actually really looking forward to getting closer to Christmas and finally taking the foot off the pedal for a short while.

Not for too long though as 2018 is shaping up to be a massive year and although I don’t want to wish time away, I’m actually incredibly excited to see where we will be at this time next year.

If you want to make sure that 2018 is your year, then hit me up to join my brand new Inner Circle program. We are only opening this up to 50 Salon Owners and it’s filling up fast.

I promise, this is unlike any other coaching and mentoring group around, so if you want to join, apply today by clicking here.

Hope you’re crushing your December so far and as always, keep being awesome!


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Your December Couldn’t Be More Crazy Than Mine… Could It?

Man, what a couple of days it’s been! I want someone to challenge me on this and reply to this email or comment on this blog, if your December is more hectic than mine…

…So Ive got my Nanna’s birthday on the 4th of December, my Dad’son the 5th, Mum’s on the 7th, my Wife’s on the 8th, Brother’s on the 13th,-Step-Dad on the 19th and then Christmas!

My AMEX is pretty much melted in December! 

The good thing is though, that this year Ash, Jack and I are heading over to WA for a bit to see her family, which kind of forces me to have some downtime.

Even though 5 of my Clinics are over in the West, I think Ash will have me busy with family commitments, so I’ll be able to take a few days off – which is much needed right now.

I’ve got so much to do though before I go on holidays and I’m madly now looking at Jan 2018 and making sure I’ve got everything sorted for the start of the new year.

For far too many salon owners and entrepreneurs I speak to, the run in to 2018 is left too late. They start to think about their 2018 plans…in 2018!

A female road runner runs down a road at dusk at Independence Pass.

I was thinking about this tonight, so I think I’m going to do a video about it in the next few days.

Part of any plan for a Salon Owner is how to make sure you don’t start the year with a quiet month.

We all hear it over and over about how quiet January and February is, but I say stuff that!

Beat the trend and make sure your year gets off to a flyer. Plan for it and make it happen.

I made a Salon Hack video today about how to double or triple your database in only 3 days, as this is essential for a strong performance in traditionally quiet months.

If your salon is quiet at any time of the year, it’s because your database isn’t big enough.

Because it’s not big enough, you can’t get big enough results from your marketing.

Make your database MASSIVE and your booking numbers will follow!

Check out the video I made today on my Facebook page by clicking here.

Keep being awesome!


Beginning with E – What Is The Most Essential Ingredient To Business Success?

How awesome is Christmas time? I absolutely love it! It’s not about the gifts (or even the constant flow of beer and wine), it’s that feeling you get.

I can’t explain it, but to me it just feels a little like my step is that bit lighter. Kind of like a different type of energy. One that just makes you smile and it only happens around this time of year.

I also love the moments that Christmas brings and last night I had one of those with my family as we finally put up our tree.

Jack was beside himself with excitement and was getting everything out of all the boxes all at once and just wanting to put everything all over the tree.

As you can imagine, the lights were all tangled, tinsel everywhere, mismatched baubles and Christmas crackers that were supposed to go on the tree, already popped.

At least I got to wear one of those awesome paper crowns and tell really bad dad jokes that always come with the crackers!

That was the best bit though. Not the crackers of course… the fact that Jack was just so unbelievably excited. That he couldn’t contain it, it was just too much for him. It was just so awesome!

Which makes me think. Imagine if you were that excited every single day about your business. Imagine if you got as excited about your business and your Clients and your Team every single day, as Jack did about the Christmas tree!

The truth is, that this is one of the major ingredients for success. If you want your business to love you, then you need to love your business first.

If you want your Team and your Clients to love you, then you have to love them first.

If you want to get some excitement and thrills from your business, then you need to create the excitement and thrills first. You can’t expect your business to just organically be exciting and thrilling, well, just because the doors are open.


You gotta work that! You gotta create that! You’ve got to bring that energy and excitement every single day!

I think fundamentally we actually already know this, but we don’t put it into our business everyday.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect at this. I have to constantly remind myself to get in state and to be pumped and excited for the day. I have to keep myself at a high frequency vibration all day to keep my Team at that same vibration.

It’s not easy, but hey, if business was easy, everybody would be doing it right?

This is one of the key principles we take our Coaching Clients through on each call and each group consult call. We always make a note to remind them that…’energy is everything!’

It’s not about how much you know, but the energy you bring with that thing you know! 

This Christmas period, don’t slack off and fall into the trap of thinking it’s ok to take the foot off the pedal. Now is the time to put that foot flat to the floor.

Now is the time to be Jack with his Christmas tree! 


If you want some help with maintaining your excitement and enthusiasm all year round, then apply today and see if you have what it takes to join my Inner Circle Coaching program.

We already coach a select group of Salon Owners from all over the world, but recently we launched our Inner Circle as an exclusive coaching program that works with only the best Salon Owners who are the most passionate.

We have opened this up to just 50 people and so far we’ve already had 14 join after only 1 week…

…so if you’re interested to join, make sure you click here now and apply today!

Well Im off to our 2018 goals meeting. Now that’s exciting!

Stay awesome!


Participation Awards – Good or Bad?

Last night was proud Dad time, when my little boy Jack, graduated from his Pre-school….or as Jacka likes to call it, his ‘Gradu-ration’!

It was actually the cutest thing I’ve ever been to!

After walking up to individually receive their Graduation certificate, they then went on to sing this song ‘The future looks good to me‘, which was incredibly adorable.

Cue hat’s being thrown in the air, big smiles, parents mingling eating party pies and plenty of soft drink for the kids….. Eeek!!

After a massive sugar rush, we finally managed to get Jack to leave his friends and got home around 8:30pm. Jack was proud as punch and so too was Mum and Dad.

I don’t know if you were different to me, but I certainly can’t remember graduating from Pre-School? It’s a bit much, but to be honest I loved every single minute of it.

You could not wipe the smile off my face! 


I never could have imagined that I could love someone as much as I do my son, but parenting changes you right?

I am curious though, what do you think about this? Do you think it’s a good idea to have events like this for young kids or do you think they should be saved for bigger events in life, like high school graduation or university graduation?

Do you think that the more of these events we do, it just dilutes the occasion when major events occur or do you think we should be doing more to recognise efforts, no matter how big or small?

For me personally, I loved this graduation night and I think that this is a major event in my son’s life and it’s a major achievement in his eyes,  so it should stay!

What I’m not overly a fan of though is participation awards. I know this may divide my audience, but I just don’t agree with rewarding people for showing up.

Without healthy competition to be the best, I just don’t think it compels people to want to be faster, smarter, stronger. It doesn’t push society forward towards better innovation and efficiencies.

When you reward everybody the same way, no matter how much effort they put in, it kind of builds a culture of complacency and apathy.

As most of you know, in business you will never be given a participation award and it’s comes down to your ability to motivate yourself to always be at the top of your game.

If you don’t constantly look to be the best at what you do, then you will always risk losing what you have. This is the reality of business and why I am sceptical when it comes to participation awards or recognising efforts for just showing up.

Keep reading, keep studying, keep learning, keep being inspired and develop an unhealthy passion for development. This is critical if you want to be the best and have success as an entrepreneur.

If you want coaching on how to be the best and you want to work with me personally, PLUS some of our peak performance salon and business coaches, we have just opened up applications for my Inner Circle Coaching.

You can apply today by clicking here and we can get one of our consultants to give you a call to take you through the program. We are only accepting 50 Salon Owners into this program, so if you really want to be a part of this, make sure you APPLY TODAY!

I’ve had another awesome week and I hope you have too.

Take care this weekend and don’t forget to take some time to work on yourself. Even an hour or two reading a new book or watching an inspirational video, can get set off a chain of events that leads to massive success! 

Keep being awesome!