So the other night, I was staying back in the office because I had this new sales funnel I was building and really wanted to get it done.

You know those projects, where you say to yourself ‘oh this will only take a few hours’ and then next minute, it’s 1am and you’re still not finished!?

Well, that was me on Tuesday night.

It’s kinda like when you think painting your house will be a really good idea, because you picture how good it will look once you’re done, but then you’re 5 hours in and all you’ve done is the cutting-in for two rooms!!

So that was me doing this new funnel, and I’m kinda glad I stopped at 1am, because when I picked up where I left off yesterday, it still took me until last night to get it finished.

It looks awesome though and I’m super happy with how it turned out!

It did get me thinking though about why I do what I do? What sort of sane person would stay in the office every night until 9 or 10pm and sometimes much later?

Get up the next morning at 5am and do it all over again!

Well, the truth is that no sane person would do it. I mean, no rational person would do this day in, day out – sometimes with pressure that is incomprehensible to most.


The thing is though, that whilst I do this regularly, I’m not alone at all.

Entrepreneurs and business all over the world are right alongside me working long and often times, unrewarding hours, for no other reason than because they love what they do and they refuse to give up on their dreams.

I made a Facebook Live video at 12:30am when I left the office and although I was in the CBD of the Gold Coast, there was nobody around.

It was silent.

That’s because business ownership and entrepreneurs are a limited few. Most sane people are in bed fast asleep, whilst we’re working on our craft and building our business.

That’s what Entrepreneurship means and only an Entrepreneur will know the sacrifices they have to make everyday to be successful.

So this is a shout out to all my fellow early risers and late nighters. Keep hustling and never give up on your dreams.

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Stay awesome!

Billy ‘livin’ the dream’ Rickman.

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