Last night I got to celebrate my baby sister, Georgia’s 22nd birthday with my family and some old family friends at a beautiful restaurant on the Gold Coast.

This is kind of a big deal since she has been away in Canberra for years and then last year she spent her 21st in New York (sooo jealous!).

So this is the first time I got to celebrate her birthday with her in ages and it was an AWESOME night.

Food was amazing, company was great and the staff were super friendly!

A peculiar thing happened though half way through the night when a couple asked the staff if the kids (well, only two of them, my son ‘Jacka’ and my gorgeous niece Milli) could stop dancing on the dance floor.

Now I get it if the kids are jumping around and making tonnes of noise, but to be honest, they were just standing on the dance floor watching the two man band, who were rocking it with about 50 instruments…. including the Jazz Flute! (which totally reminded me of that scene in Anchorman!)

So of course, the staff asked them to go and sit down and I’m not begrudging them for it, as they were awesome all night and super friendly.

It did get me thinking though… why have a dance floor if people can’t dance on it? 

It also got me thinking that there are salon owners who are doing this in their own salons every single day.

They have dance floors (treatment rooms or chairs) that aren’t being used for dancing (treatments).

I speak to so many salon owners who have vacant rooms and empty chairs in their Salons.

Every day, they are just collecting dust or being used as storage rooms, instead of having clients fill them and make money for the Salon.

I remind my Franchisees all the time that their rent is calculated on a per square metre basis…

…This means that you need to make sure you have every single square metre working for you and making you money.

Take the time today to look at those areas in your Salon that are just dead space and see how you can turn them into spaces that generate revenue.

Maximise every single metre you have, but especially make sure you are filling every treatment room and chair you have!

One of the best ways I know of to ensure you have full books every month and you don’t have empty spaces, is with a membership program! 

A Membership Program gives you certainty with booking numbers, certainty with revenue, it takes the stress out of the business and makes sure your rooms are filled every month!

This is what I did in my franchise and we now have thousands of members that are guaranteed to visit our stores every month!

This keeps our rooms full and makes sure that we don’t have wasted space that is collecting dust instead of making money!

This Monday, Im hosting a 3 – 4 hour online workshop on this very topic. Im going to teach Salon Owners (both hair and beauty) EXACTLY how I set this up in my Salons and how you can do the exact same thing in yours.

This is going to be a detailed webinar and a step by step guide, so you can learn everything I know on this subject – which is a lot now!

If you want to know more click here and check out the short video I made to explain how it all works.

If you’re struggling for clients or you have empty space in your salon, then this is a MUST for you!

Until next time, keep dancing!


P.S Below is my beautiful Sis Georgia and the two trouble making dancers, Milli and Jack!


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