The other day, I was on a bit of a long road trip and I decided to listen to another one of my favourite podcasters.

I’m always looking for new inspiration and new ideas, so it’s important to me that I use my car time for my personal development.

Now I have to admit, that I do have a weakness for YouTube, so sometimes I struggle with the urge to listen to funny YouTube clips (of course only listening and not watching), and on this day I managed fight the urge!

So by this stage, I’m settling in and one of the topics he started talking about really resonated with me…

What was it? Stop dabbling! 

As he went on talking about it, it made so much sense to me. So many of us – myself included – what do we do is…. we start something, give it a few weeks, doesn’t work, so then we give up on it.

This goes for the gym, diets, new relationships and also with our professional lives.

I mean, how many times have you started a new marketing project or tried a new sales strategy, been super excited at the start, but then 3 weeks later, it’s been metaphorically tossed in the trash.

I am 100% guilty of this and when I was listening to this podcast, I was thinking to myself ‘Billy, imagine where you would be now if you just stuck the course on ……….‘, whatever that was.

Imagine I didnt give up on that thing after a couple of weeks or months because I didnt get the results straight away!

I actually think this is the reason why 80% of hair and beauty salons won’t last 5 years. It’s probably why only 5% will last 10 years.


It’s crazy I know, but those stats aren’t made up…

I think that most business owners dabble too much and they never immerse themselves or put enough effort and persistence into mastering skills in their business – and I’m not talking about technical skills like beauty treatments or hair treatments.

So my new commitment to myself is to stop being a dabbler and to totally immerse myself into the areas of my business I need to. My marketing, my sales, my financials…

I’m going to commit to staying the course until I become a master! 

Apart from persistence, there is one other quality I have found that is absolutely essential if you want to become one of the few that last 5 or 10+ years in business.

Want to know what that is? Click here. 

Have an awesome day!

Billy ‘no longer a dabbler‘ Rickman

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