The other day, my Wife Ash ‘allegedly said to me “Don’t let Jack go into the walk-in-robe ok? His Christmas presents are in there.

I say ‘allegedly’ because I don’t actually remember her saying it, buuut given that I’m like most men in the world and admit to not being the best at paying attention to things, I’m guessing she probably did.

Anyways, what happens not two minutes later?

Daddy, is this remote control car and Catboy costume for me?” – as Jack holds them up in the air!

Uh-Oh. I’m sure you can imagine the conversation that happened next.

It turns out though that Jack’s already-prepared Christmas presents (bought 8 weeks before Christmas) are not isolated.

In fact my wife has done most of the Christmas shopping already and is totally prepared for everything Christmas.

On top of this, I even received a text message from my sister today telling me about the presents she had bought for each person too.

No matter how many times I tell myself that I’m going to get organised this Christmas, every year I’m still that guy walking around the shopping centre on Christmas Eve trying to frantically cross people off my list!

Men really aren’t like Women at all!



This got me thinking in my business, that rather than do a massive push for Christmas sales closer to Christmas, perhaps I should do it earlier and take advantage of all these well prepared and thoroughly organised women.

To do this, we have organised a two day Pre-Christmas Sale – but this year it’s going to be massive!

Why do I say this? Well at the start of December, not only do we have our Christmas promos being launched, but we also have the launch of ZipPay across our Franchise AND our brand new website, fully loaded with an online Gift Card and product store!

To make sure I absolutely maximise this opportunity, I’ve implemented two marketing strategies for the two day sale, which I’ll keep you updated on.

Firstly, we’ve opened it up for two days only, creating scarcity and urgency.

Secondly, I’ve used our Facebook Messenger Bot to recruit registrations for the event so that we can send a massive broadcast to these people thirty minutes before it starts.

So far after two days, our Bot’s worked hard to get over 200 registrations, but I’m hoping to get over 1,000 before the registration date.

I mean, can you imagine that?

A thousand people getting a Facebook Messenger Message all at once, who have already been qualified as interested parties, and then a button to send them directly to our online store from their mobile or PC!

I’m super pumped for this and I can’t wait to see how this rolls out.

If you want to see our pre-registration in action, click here.

I would highly recommend you do this for your business too and put your bots to work to recruit and qualify your Clients for your Christmas promos.

If you don’t know how, join my online course for only $97 and you can learn. It’s so easy once you know how.

You can join today by going here. 

Be awesome!

Billy Rickman


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