Last Sunday, we met up with some friends of ours for a mid-morning breakfast at Palm Beach on the sunny Gold Coast (don’t hate me just because we get perfect weather all year round).
Upon getting there, I could see my friend Tim was in some discomfort, with his arm all plastered and covered in some fresh white bandages.
Little quirk that I was to learn about Tim was that one of his favourite things to do is to buy a whole coconut from the shops and then bring it home to drink the water and then eat the fresh white flesh inside.
According to Tim, this is livin’.
Apparently however, the night before we met for breakfast, Tim was in his element cutting up one of his coconuts, when the machete slipped and cut right through his arm into his bone.
Like most of us, when you get to Emergency with a knife stuck in your bone, you probably expect to get seen to pretty quick.
Nope, not for Tim. Apart from doing some basic dressing, he was there for hours before they saw him and finally bandaged him up and sent on his way.
Luckily, Tim’s survived and he’s on his way with full recovery now, but why do I tell you this?
Because things like this happen all the time. There are always things happening in people’s lives that are unexpected and you have to make sure you’re always prepared in case something unexpected does happen.
This is even more the case if you’re self employed and a small business owner.
Luckily these days, we’re living in this golden era of entrepreneurship, where we can schedule months in advance and automate a whole heaps of processes in our business.
I did this with my social media by introducing Facebook bots (basically online robots) to run it for me. I set those bad boys up and now they work for me and my salons 24/7 to get bookings and sales by interacting with Clients.
So even if something were to happen, I know my bots have got my back and my Clients wouldn’t be wondering what the hell happened to me?
If you want to know how I did it, you can click here and watch this small video.
I forget who said it, but someone wise once said “You need to fix the leaky roof before it starts raining.” 
This is what I did with my bots and you can do it too to protect your business in case of something happening….touch wood! 
Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you, if you watch the video and want to sign up for the course, use the coupon code ‘BUYING GROUP‘ and get a $100 discount!
Okay, Im off to wrap myself in bubble wrap all weekend! haha
Stay awesome!
Billy Rickman
P.S Tim finally got his coconut open!

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