Recently I did an online survey of Salon Owners and one of the questions was “What is the most powerful tool for Salon Marketing?”

Overwhelmingly, the answer came back as “Facebook!”

It got me thinking though… if Facebook is recognised by almost everybody in the hair and beauty industry as the most important, why are so few salons getting real client engagement and bookings from their Facebook ads?

After taking a bit of a look around, I could see the answer.

Because not many Salon’s are doing it right.


Regular Facebook posts are one thing, and they’re great to keep people engaged and keep your brand in the front of mind for your clients, but how many bookings are you regularly getting from them?

After being extremely privileged and lucky to be trained and mentored by some of the best Facebook gurus in the industry, I wanted to give back and help other Salon owners out.

I created a short 30 minute video, specifically designed for Salon owners, to show you how to correctly setup your Facebook ads and start to see some serious results with your bookings and sales!

You can watch the video for FREE on my Facebook page by clicking here.

Enjoy and be awesome!

Billy Rickman

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