5 weeks ago, my wife and I found out that baby number 2 was on the way! After waiting for the acceptable first trimester timeframe to elapse before telling everybody, on Saturday we went public and announced the exciting news to our friends!

But 5 weeks ago, a funny thing dawned on me!

There is ALWAYS more that I can be doing.

You see, in my role as a Franchisor and also having just got the XY Buying Group off the ground, I’ve put some other things off that I knew were really valuable. I’ve been sitting on some great ideas, but I’ve constantly kept pushing them down on the to-do list.

I told myself every reason under the sun not to complete these things – no time, I’ll do it next week, I need to get this other thing done first – but, really they were all just excuses or stories I was telling myself so that I could delay a little more.

What happens though when you find out you’re going to be a Dad again?

For those of you who have had children, you would know that it really is the most life altering event anybody can ever go through. If we think time is scarce now, we soon realise that with a child, time becomes even more valuable and much harder to find!

I’m suddenly having flashbacks to our first child and realising that I’ve got all the fun stuff to look forward to again; late nights, lack of sleep, early mornings, changing nappies…. and I don’t even know how my 4 year old son will adapt yet!

All of these thoughts kept running through my mind when I found out my wife was pregnant again and the most pressing thought of all for me as a Father was to make sure that I can be there, protect and take care of my growing family.

So guess what happened?

All of a sudden all of those ideas and things that I have been putting off, quickly rose to the top of the to-do list and they were completed in no time. Big tasks that I had been putting off, all of a sudden became a priority, there was a motivation to complete them, and now that they’re done, I wondered why I didn’t just do them months ago when I first had the idea.

Why did it take this long?

The thing I’m most proud of was the launch of my first online course – Facebook Messenger Marketing for the Beauty Industry – which shows Salon owners how to completely automate their Facebook marketing so they can make constant bookings and sales even without them being there. I have had the idea to do this for so long and I knew that it would bring massive value to salon owners who needed extra time and bookings in their business. I had kept putting it off, but once I had this new motivation with our second child on the way, I started, produced and completed the course in only 4 days!

So why is it that certain life events trigger motivation inside us and why do we need major events or often times, somebody else, to wake up this greatness inside us? How do I access this level of motivation all the time?

These are the two questions I’ve been thinking about over the past few weeks and the reason why I wrote this entry of the blog. I think they’re such important questions for all business owners to constantly ask themselves, so that they can fast track their own success and outperform their competition.

I think it’s human nature to have peaks and troughs with motivation levels, but what if you could amplify the peaks and reduce the troughs? How much more output could you achieve?


So my advice this week is to take some time out to think about this in your own life and your own business. Think about a time you were unbelievably motivated and write down how you felt, what caused that motivation, what you did during that time to keep you motivated. Then ask yourself the most important question of all – How can I replicate that today? How can I replicate that level of motivation every day?

For me, I am on a mission write now to get all my ideas out of my mind and into action. I’m on the baby countdown and I have a massive list of things I am going to complete before Baby 2 is born. During this time though, I’m going to be very mindful of the things I’m doing differently so that I can look to keep this level 100 motivation going each day… even when there is no life changing event driving me.

If you haven’t already checked out my new online course, I highly recommend you take a look. I give you the exact formula we used to generate 130 bookings in only 7 days and step-by-step how you can do the exact same thing for your salon too. Click here to find out more!

In the meantime, let me know – How you keep motivated each day and what challenges do you face when trying to stay motivated?

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Stay awesome! 





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