We’re Having A Baby!

5 weeks ago, my wife and I found out that baby number 2 was on the way! After waiting for the acceptable first trimester timeframe to elapse before telling everybody, on Saturday we went public and announced the exciting news to our friends!

But 5 weeks ago, a funny thing dawned on me!

There is ALWAYS more that I can be doing.

You see, in my role as a Franchisor and also having just got the XY Buying Group off the ground, I’ve put some other things off that I knew were really valuable. I’ve been sitting on some great ideas, but I’ve constantly kept pushing them down on the to-do list.

I told myself every reason under the sun not to complete these things – no time, I’ll do it next week, I need to get this other thing done first – but, really they were all just excuses or stories I was telling myself so that I could delay a little more.

What happens though when you find out you’re going to be a Dad again?

For those of you who have had children, you would know that it really is the most life altering event anybody can ever go through. If we think time is scarce now, we soon realise that with a child, time becomes even more valuable and much harder to find!

I’m suddenly having flashbacks to our first child and realising that I’ve got all the fun stuff to look forward to again; late nights, lack of sleep, early mornings, changing nappies…. and I don’t even know how my 4 year old son will adapt yet!

All of these thoughts kept running through my mind when I found out my wife was pregnant again and the most pressing thought of all for me as a Father was to make sure that I can be there, protect and take care of my growing family.

So guess what happened?

All of a sudden all of those ideas and things that I have been putting off, quickly rose to the top of the to-do list and they were completed in no time. Big tasks that I had been putting off, all of a sudden became a priority, there was a motivation to complete them, and now that they’re done, I wondered why I didn’t just do them months ago when I first had the idea.

Why did it take this long?

The thing I’m most proud of was the launch of my first online course – Facebook Messenger Marketing for the Beauty Industry – which shows Salon owners how to completely automate their Facebook marketing so they can make constant bookings and sales even without them being there. I have had the idea to do this for so long and I knew that it would bring massive value to salon owners who needed extra time and bookings in their business. I had kept putting it off, but once I had this new motivation with our second child on the way, I started, produced and completed the course in only 4 days!

So why is it that certain life events trigger motivation inside us and why do we need major events or often times, somebody else, to wake up this greatness inside us? How do I access this level of motivation all the time?

These are the two questions I’ve been thinking about over the past few weeks and the reason why I wrote this entry of the blog. I think they’re such important questions for all business owners to constantly ask themselves, so that they can fast track their own success and outperform their competition.

I think it’s human nature to have peaks and troughs with motivation levels, but what if you could amplify the peaks and reduce the troughs? How much more output could you achieve?


So my advice this week is to take some time out to think about this in your own life and your own business. Think about a time you were unbelievably motivated and write down how you felt, what caused that motivation, what you did during that time to keep you motivated. Then ask yourself the most important question of all – How can I replicate that today? How can I replicate that level of motivation every day?

For me, I am on a mission write now to get all my ideas out of my mind and into action. I’m on the baby countdown and I have a massive list of things I am going to complete before Baby 2 is born. During this time though, I’m going to be very mindful of the things I’m doing differently so that I can look to keep this level 100 motivation going each day… even when there is no life changing event driving me.

If you haven’t already checked out my new online course, I highly recommend you take a look. I give you the exact formula we used to generate 130 bookings in only 7 days and step-by-step how you can do the exact same thing for your salon too. Click here to find out more!

In the meantime, let me know – How you keep motivated each day and what challenges do you face when trying to stay motivated?

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Stay awesome! 




12 Proven Ways To Use Salon Memberships To Keep Over 60% Of Your Client Base Returning Every Single Month!

If you’re providing great customer service, pricing your services reasonably, have great products, yet you keep losing clients to competition or they’re simply not coming back as often as they used to, then read very closely because you don’t have to worry anymore because…

Guess what!?

There is a new strategy that is not just seeing client retention go back to the way it was – it’s becoming better than it ever was.

The reality is, there are phenomenal opportunities for savvy salon owners to keep all of their clients coming back without spending a lot of money and without changing too much in their business.

To do so effectively though, you first need to understand what your Client’s reality is currently like and how it will impact your business moving forward.

The average person now spends nearly 53 hours each month on social media and this represents only a fraction of the marketing messages they are seeing each day.

Segment Lead at Microsoft’s Search Advertising, Chris Wallington says;

Information is not what it used to be. The way we think about it has changed; the information we get, the way we access it, the way we consume it and the way we search for it has changed.”

But what does this mean to you as a salon owner?

Let’s look at 4 Key Insights on how you can capitalise on a Salon Membership strategy to boost your own sales and keep 60% of your clients returning each and every month.



Clients in a Salon can be divided into three categories:

  1. Transient – They visit once (maybe twice) because they’re in the area or there is a hot offer. They rarely return.
  2. ‘See Ya Next Time’ – These Clients do come back, but there is no fixed pattern or habit. You could see them once a week for 6 weeks and then not again for 6 months. you may only see them once every 4 months.
  3. Part of The Furniture – These are the Clients you love. The ones that come back month after month, buy anything you recommend and could set your watch to their visit.

The challenge in any salon is how do you get categories one and two to become a category three?

A salon cannot survive on the 3’s because there’s not enough of them to go around, so an owner has to choose between spending a bucket load of money to re-engage the 1’s and 2’s or just as much to market to new clients.

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A strong Salon Membership program addresses this front on by providing an opportunity to encourage 1’s and 2’s to become ‘Part of the Furniture’.  If you provide enough value in your membership offering and you ensure it is a monthly recurring direct debit, then you will be able to capture income from them each month, whether they decide to show or not.



Getting a Client in the door is one thing, but having them spend more when it comes to the transaction, is something else.

As a consumer, there is all sorts of psychology that applies to how and why you spend. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is the notion of how much they are going to spend that has already been pre-conceived in the client’s mind.

One way to overcome that is to make the client feel as though they are not spending anything at all. As a seller, this gives you a clean slate to work from, with no pre-conceived ideas other than that maybe it’s free – which is easy to overcome with even the gentlest of persuasion.

A monthly direct membership does that every single month by allowing the client to feel that they aren’t spending any money so then the thought of spending $20, $50, $100 on the day becomes easy to swallow and agree to. This can drastically increase your average dollar sale and increase your overall sales by tens of thousands each month.

Here are 10 ways that you can attract Salon Members to grow sales: 

  1. Create a Members only Group on Facebook
  2. Have specific promotions that only available for Members
  3. Schedule VIP nights for Members only
  4. Stack the value when joining as a new Member
  5. Create a carousel of testimonials from current Members on a Facebook ad
  6. Always ask the question to all clients ‘Are you a current Member?‘ This will pique curiosity and make them feel as though they are missing out
  7. Film a short teaser video as an introduction to the Membership program
  8. Offer competitions online to become a member for free. Use social media ads to create engagement.
  9. Offer a gift bag and membership key tag when they join up
  10. Have a consistent theme and focus in your salon around your membership program. Don’t let it be ‘just another thing.’



On average a salon or clinic will keep a new client for less than 12 months. This means that every 12 months, a salon owner has to completely rebuild their database.

This is hugely costly, time consuming and massively stressful. There are ways to combat this and some salons do it particularly well, however the average Salon Owner has a hard time hanging onto their Client’s loyalty long term.

“In order to keep your client base strong, you don’t need to just give them a compelling reason to come back, you have to also provide a strong reason as to why they shouldn’t go somewhere else. “

A membership model provides both of those things to keep loyalty at a high. By having a commitment from your client for a period of time, they are far more likely to come back, and if your membership is providing enough value in all areas of your salon, then they will have no need to go elsewhere.


facebook video metrics

The reason that Client Loyalty is at an all time low is because there are so many offers and promises out there from competition. Consumers are always looking for the next best thing to pay the least amount of money for.

People love value. When I was doing some training recently, one of the guys there kept saying the same thing ‘WIIFM’ or in other words ‘what’s in it for me’. This is exactly how consumers think these days instead of days gone by where loyalty was a two way street.

If you can get into your clients minds and help them to believe that they are getting more value with you than anywhere else, then you will have loyalty to your salon.

Again, this is what a Salon Membership program does. By breaking down the annual cost savings, plus all the added benefits and monthly add ons, your clients will feel as though the value they receive is unmatched so why bother going anywhere else.


With Australians spending over $8 billion in 2016 on beauty related products or services, there are more than enough clients to go around. If we could somehow wave a magic wand and easily divide them between all the different salons, clinics and spas, then everybody would be happy.

The difficulty is however, that this isn’t possible and you need to ensure you are doing all you can to keep your client’s eyes from wandering anywhere else, except your Facebook page, your offers and the ceiling in your treatment room.

In a recent post, I provided a checklist to work from to setup your Membership program. A membership program can be the best thing you will ever do for your salon as long as you follow the correct steps and formula.

Now that you are up to date with salon Membership benefits, the question I’ll ask you is:

“How are you going to take advantage of a Salon Membership Program in your business to retain your clients and skyrocket your sales?”

I have created a ground-breaking membership program that I will be releasing in the coming days – this includes all the marketing materials and sales strategies to generate immediate members for your salon, the exact processes on how to legally process the direct debit and membership contract, the monthly services and benefits and much, much more.  

In the meantime, let me knowHow are you going to take advantage of a Salon Membership Program in your business to retain your clients and skyrocket your sales?

I reply to all comments.

Have an awesome day!